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    code 16618 NEW TURBO???

    yes your right mate been looking at a few boost problems tonight as my a4 has gone the same way and the N75 valve is also known as a bleeder valve. tell then to get bent with new turbo and just get N75 valve. dont bother looking on ebay :idea: already been there tonight :no: and there aint any...
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    DIY debadging - easy to do?

    i find this stuff much better in the trade, pour this sort of stuff on, stand back and watch the badges slide off
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    driver door shutting problem

    if i remember right its cause your shutting it so fast the clogged up locking mech's dont move that fast therefore letting it swing back open
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    How to remove paint surface scratches?

    looking at that mark you got i would go find yourself... 2000 grit wet+dry (as its giving if you dont know exactly what your doing) cutting compound...
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    how to clear the service light

    or take it quick fit and pull someone to the side and say ten quid to you if you reset it with the hand held device they have...
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    R8 on need for speed-carbon?

    cheers all
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    R8 on need for speed-carbon?

    im not much of a racing game fan and i dont know when this game came out but im dam sure i seen an R8 on it in the actual story line? can anyone say yes or no to this as its starting to annoy me now as my mate cant replay the story line on it and were the game out before the car?
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    The best driver ever??

    same way all the other f**knuts get collecting box tops from cereal packs :no:
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    Jo Whiley

    my bad :)
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    Jo Whiley

    i am up and down, around and thru the m1, m25, all the national car parks actually lol and as soon as i get to toddington services along m1 or just into alyesbury depending which way i go i always switch to KISS 100.00 fm. there isnt alot of talking what so ever but you do get an advert for...
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    and this thing didnt break how?
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    Dealership Woes

    of course this does run the risk of getting some serious p1ss being taken here but coalville? :confused:
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    Oh Dear God!

    now where did i leave that semtex? :jump::whistle2:
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    you gotta love love em for their games...

    doesnt matter if he didnt he just did :)
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    OMG!!! what a sound!