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    My car so far

    I have been looking for months at different ways of getting the chrome on the fog light rings! I would love the link please. Genius!!
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    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    How much are they for the B7? I have had the interior set from you previously. Regards, David.
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    Photoshop - pretty pleasseeeeee

    You are welcome and i am glad to have helped you out! They look very very nice! even better with your car being lowered.
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    Newly powder coated wheels

    Hi, I had mine done not long ago and i applied approx. 5 coats of Poorboy's Wheel Sealant (pink) and i find it keeps the brake dust from binding and they look amazing after cleaning. I would certainly lay a few coats down prior to the tyres being fitted whilst they are off the car then once...
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    New to Audi & ASN

    Thanks! When i first picked the car up after them being refurbished i thought what the hell have i done until i saw the picture of them before they were done and my mind was put at rest! And since i have got to like them more and more! I would highly recommend TWS as the attention to detail was...
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    New to Audi & ASN

    Hi Sandra, Yeah thanks for that! I thought afterwards they would need approving first as anyone could post nonsense! Nice to see it's moderated! The forum has helped me a few times now with a few niggles i have had and with being mechanically minded i have been able to sort them myself so far!
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    You are welcome! if i can find a front view of the other wheels i will do them for you as well.
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    New to Audi & ASN

    Hello All. I have recently purchased my brother's Audi A4 S Line and i have been lurking here picking up on the vast array of tips, tricks and advice on offer! I have had the wheels fully refurbished by TWS as they were a disgrace! I have added a before and after picture so you can see the...
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    Photoshop - pretty pleasseeeeee

    I will try later when I get in! I have tried to upload a couple of pictures that have done the same and i am wondering if pictures have to be authorised by admin before they are posted as I am new to ASN?
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    How is that?
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    Photoshop - pretty pleasseeeeee

    I have tried uploading the picture i have done for you using photo bucket but it doesn't seem to be loading?
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    Photoshop - pretty pleasseeeeee

    Is this what you are after? Thanks to the donor car which i picked from the internet!
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    Window regulator

    If you are handy it will take approx. 1.5hrs-2hrs. Mine did exactly the same and i bought the kit off eBay which included the regulator for £20 and touch wood so far it has been faultless! Much better than the £700 quoted from Audi. LINKY
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    Cruise control installation guide

    Where are you based and what price would it be to supply and fit CC and Dis to my A4 B7? and possibly MFS if i can get hold of one?