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    Front wiper arm

    Just realised that's an image of a rear wiper! Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
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    Emergency help req. OSR window motor

    Just to update this post incase anyone else ends up with similar problem. I managed to pick up a second hand window motor on Wednesday and fitted that night and everything working again. I can't be sure there isn't an underlying issue as I've never had a fault where a window motor has activated...
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    Front wiper arm

    Morning You can buy an arm and blade for little money, it's hardly worth trying to fix such a thing, unless it's just the wiper blade that's broken. Pictures speak a thousand words [emoji6] Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
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    Emergency help req. OSR window motor

    2005 Allroad Hi Everyone. I really need some help here. 10 mins after leaving house this morning, OSR window went down itself. A few clicks of switch on drivers door and it went back up. Started car to come home from work tonight and 30 secs after starting car same thing happens but this time...
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    rear wiper motor

    Hi If you don't mind a bit of DIY, you can probably get it going again. Do you want to fix it? Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
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    Got my allroad last week and enjoying it. Boot CD changer wasn't identified by the rns e headunit so pulled from dash and found blue fakra connector had been unplugged and replaced by an aftermarket GPS receiver. I've swapped then round and now have CD player operating but no GPS for satnav so...
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    Allroad Purchase. 55 plate.

    Today I agreed to buy something which I hope I dont regret. Part of me feels I've paid to much but at the same time something quite rare. An C5 allroad 2.5tdi auto Allroad with...... Wait for it.... A genuine 44000 miles and the car looks like new, inside and out. Not my favourite colour, it's...
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    Coolant leak

    Sorry I was more suggesting this was cause of transmission warnings, not coolant leaking into the vehicle. Coolant leak anyone's guess. Worst case I've seen a few mentions of head gaskets going on these engines. If you have a look around engine bay for sign of leakage, if you know what your...
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    Coolant leak

    Maybe need to check under the carpet in the passenger front footwell. The transmission control unit is housed inside a plastic housing but its not water right. Water may have gathered inside the chamber that houses your battery. There is a drain plug which can choke up with leaves and block up...
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    Heated Seats & Suspension Airbags

    Evening all. Potentially buying an C5 allroad. Just two quick questions. Anyone transplanted heated seats into one of these? Is all the wiring and plugs already present in the car meaning just need seats and a control panel? Also, where is recommended to buy replacement suspension airbags...
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    a6 allroad v6 diesel tuning

    Hi Picked up this old thread while doing some research on Allroad issues. Looking to get myself a final edition 2.5 tdi. I had a 2.7t a few years ago till. Water in TVM started causing issues so looking at manuals only this time. Was interested to read about swapping out the exhaust pipes...
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    Which model?

    I'm currently looking to buy a final. Edition 2005 2.5. Have you had many issues with the engine/car In that mileage? I had an 2001 a6 avant with the chocolate camshafts. I gather newer engines were more reliable in that way. Are there cheap fixes or preventative measures on the air suspension...
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    Symphony was connected back into factory wiring, with extra loom removed. At this moment I'm not worried about getting the aftermarket unit working, just want 4 speakers and sub again with symphony unit in place.
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    Hi It's non bose. I had to buy a wiring loom to connect ISO plugs. Only extra wiring was joining power feed to amp, which is getting power as I hear it click on. What was concern was when I plugged original symphony stereo back in, I have the same issue, no rear speakers. None of the factory...
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    Thanks for thtat I had a peek in there but didnt look really close. Am I correct in saying that power for these speakers goes to the amp in the boot, then back out to the speakers but audio signals go from headunit, to the speakers? Cheers