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Audi Bairn
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Mar 8, 2021 at 8:33 AM
Sep 14, 2016
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Audi Bairn

Moderator, from Scotland

Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter
Audi Bairn was last seen:
Mar 8, 2021 at 8:33 AM
    1. SavantAvant
      Good afternoon sir----I am a new member--trying to find out why my post is "locked"? I have searched all over the website for some guidance as to what kinds of things can cause this, and I keep coming up short. Also cannot seem to find a way to edit my post after posting it...had a few grammatical and technical errors in it....thanks in advance sir
      1. Audi Bairn
        Audi Bairn
        If you send a PM to @Sandra (Site Administrator) she will discuss with you
        Apr 28, 2019
        Sandra likes this.
      2. Sandra
        You have Email Rob
        Apr 29, 2019
        Audi Bairn likes this.
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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Previous Audi History:
    2014 S5 Black Edition Sportback 3.0TFSi V6 Supercharged Ibis White
    2014 A4 S-Line Black Edition 2.0TDi Daytona Grey
    2013 TT Black Edition Coupe quattro 2.0 TDi Brilliant Black
    2011 A5 Coupe S-Line Special Edition 2.0TFSi 211 Phantom Black
    2008 A4 S-Line Black Edition quattro 2.0TFSi 220 Phantom Black
    2007 TT Sport 2.0TFSi Coupe Dolphin Grey
    2003 A3 Sport 1.9TD(red)i Dolphin Grey
    2000 TT Coupe quattro 180 Denim Blue

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    His: Gone - MY2017 S3 Saloon Navarra Blue / Arrived - MY2020 X3 M40i Sophisto Grey Xirallic
    Hers: MY2017 TT S-Line Coupe 1.8TFSi Brilliant Black

    Previous Audi history:
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