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    Jobs to do with rocker cover off?

    Hello all! I've got a BFB 1.8t A4 (B7). I think I need to replace my rocker cover (oil in the coil pack area, slightly lumpy idle). Any jobs that are worth doing while I'm there? Car is a 2007, and almost everything looks to be original - so happy to refresh what I can while I'm there...
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    Rear speaker issue

    Hello! I recently installed an aftermarket head unit, as my Audi original kept getting the CDs stuck (surprise surprise!). Initially I couldnt get sound out of the tears, until I realised I needed to wire in the amp switch - now I have sound. The issue I'm having is that in order to get the...
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    Full lock judder - PAS Pump?

    Hello one and all! I have a 1.8T A4 Cab (B7 chassis) FWD. Recently my drive shaft went caput - luckily at very low speed. I've had those replaced, along with associated CV joints etc. Now - the whole car shudders on full lock to the left - the car doesnt need to be in motion for this to...