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    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    You firstly need a correctly connected microphone to the RNS-e for it to work. With SDS enabled you can give voice commands to the device and control it. Like "station frequency", inserting Navigation destinations etc. Its pretty handy
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    RNS-e MK2 SDS

    Hello everyone, Excuse the new topic, but everything that I found through the search function gave me results that were 5 years old. I am about to retrofit a MK2 RNS-e unit (193G) in my A3 and would also like to enable the SDS hack. Does anyone have updated info and could tell me if it is...
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    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    Hey everyone, If i could revive this thread again, I am thinking about buying a 193G MK2 RNS-e and want to activate the SDS Hack. I am currently using a MK1 with the 660 Software and SDS works like a charm, so the microphone and my BT are correctly connected. Could anyone please forward me...
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    Modding award 2016

    Actually an Audi 8L
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    Modding award 2016

    And the winner isssss : Sadly I was driving and couldnt take a picture of the front, which looked equally ... interesting
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    Time to do double din!

    I got a Mk1 RNS-e for sale buddy if you are interested, let me know! Double din is awesome, you are never gonna regret doing this change!
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    MFSW quick question

    Anyone guys? Really need an answer as i`m about to buy it! Cheers
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    MFSW quick question

    Hey fellas If someone could answer me this I`m looking for a MFSW wheel and came across this one. Does anyone know if these caps can pop out so i can insert my MuFu buttons from my current wheel? Many thanks , have a great weekend
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    RNS-e DVD AT Version 2011

    Hello guys Been off for a while, trying to catch up Anyone tried the new RNS-e DVD (AT Version) ? Is it any good, and is it worth the upgrade? Cheers
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    sportbacks made in Belgium

    Check this link out and find out where your car was made. Fahrgestellnummer von Volkswagen und Audi Modellen entschlüsseln Never heard of Belgium produced cars, mine is a 08 Sportback and according to this site it was built in Ingolstadt
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    RNS-e DVD reading problem

    I really believe its the disc mate. Copies are much harder to read for the laser. You could buy a lens cleaning disc and if this doesnt work then you might have to change the laser in your machine. You could try to use a OEM disc for a couple of days to see if it works ok and either buy an...
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    Black interior trim

    I would be happy to swap my piano black interior for your brushed alu!!! Let me know mate :)
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    Washer jets retrofit

    Hmm got to admit didnt realise that :) Will give it another go, thanks a lot guys!
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    Washer jets retrofit

    Well yeah it is intermittant , it never shows up until I use the system. Tried a different ground point but still the same. I actually put everything back together and left it like this since the system is working fine. The relay though doesnt have a ground, the pump does. IIRC the relay gets...
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    Washer jets retrofit

    As for the coding , all i did was check the box in VCDS about the headlight washer system, thats all i need to do right? I guess i could leave it like that since the system works just fine , but i am a bit anal about these things that appear for no apparent reason :S Had a google search about...