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    Pick up trucks

    thinking of buying a pick up for knocking around.. what make do you recommend and what should I avoid for around the 7k to 10k mark .. mitsibushi , Nissan , Isuzu, ford , Toyota etc And it will be automatic
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    The jukebox in media

    I've loaded a lot of albums into the jukebox.. however I can't get the tracks to play in album order plays in alphabetical order .. so if I'm playing a story like war of the worlds or frozen soundtrack for my daughter it's not in order.!! The random box I've tried ticked and unticked .. Any...
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    Does anyone have an an Avant 2.0Tfsi with 19" Wheels

    This is from my s4 ... but still 19s
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    Which fuel?

    Supermarket fuel ..branded fuel it's all the same ... you don't get Tesco and Sainsbury's oil rigs and refineries!!
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    iPod connection

    It hasn't worked for me ... my iPod still shows up as not supported on the mmi media .. I have got apple customer support on the case now suggesting that it's the latest software on the iPod that's the culprit.. This is a link to what audi say what phones and media is compatible with the mmi...
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    Upgrade to S4 RS19inch alloys?

    What did you seal them with.. what's the best product
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    iPod connection

    Having brain strain here .. according to audi the iPod nano 7th gen is compatible.. mine still says not supported.!! Any ideas mmi and ipod are all up to date What iPods are you lot using ?
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    iPod connection

    Ok I Sussed it .. it's all down to the lightning cable There are 2 types of lightning cable .. the older one which is wide and flat And the newer which is the small iPhone 6 type ... and the mmi system is only compatible with the 2nd type !
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    iPod connection

    Still no joy .. iPod up to date but not supported .!
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    iPod connection

    Ok il give that a go .. I thought it was a bit strange that it wasn't working .. il keep you posted
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    iPod connection

    iPod nano.. worked fine with my b8.5 .!
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    iPod connection

    It doesn't.. it shows up as unsupported.!!
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    iPod connection

    is it possible to connect an iPod to the mmi .. if so is it done by the USB or aux cable ? Having brain strain with this new mmi and audi connect thing !!
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    Fuel poll

    if you have an S model What do you put in it ?
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    Audi Virgin!

    This petrol thing is confusing I think ... does it actually say anywhere in the handbook or in the petrol flap that that you should use a 98 Ron (v power for example) it just states the minimum octane rating 95 Ron ( just unleaded) So I get the minimum requirement..but there is no info on the...