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    Supercharged A4

    Hello there I have been pointed this way from ukpassats as my firend selling my old 2.8 30v PES setup • View topic - PES 2.8 30v v6 engine & FWD gearbox perfect for 2.0 20v guys alex
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    What diesel would you recommend for £3k?

    mate thats cool it was only a idea for future :) or anyone else considering what you did. like i said the bora sounds nice :)
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    2.7 Turbo?

    J7USS can you confirm you have a A4 B6 quattro? if so you are better of buying a A6 2.7t. Reason I say that is like my passat the only thing you can use from the A4 B5 is engien and gearbox. Prop and diff had to come from a A6 for me as it is totaly different. Now if your car is already 6...
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    Sold my S4

    one great reply but i think all the main vw forums been mentioned.
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    What diesel would you recommend for £3k?

    pity you bought a tdi. I would have suggested getting a 1.8 or 2l n/a and with lpg as you will find it is a lot cheaper to run that a tdi car. ok you dont have the turbo punch but if you are looking for small runnign cost you can't go wrong. anyhow sounds like you bought yourself a very nice...
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    Which model has the best Quattro system?

    sorry can't find the link to this artical. so ignore my comments.
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    Which model has the best Quattro system?

    well there was a post on the audisrs that the new S4 (supercharged ones) are using a new electronic clutch system at the rear. i will try find the post again.
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    Which model has the best Quattro system?

    A3 is heldex except the newer stuff that has the new electronic clucth system in both A4 and A6 range the old quattro stuff is the best :) you jsut can't beat it.
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    well N8 thanx for your comment but it might look like **** but guess what ive left it parked in carparks and in public places and no need to worry as no one pays it attention, where my friend that has a lovely rs4 worries every time where ever he parks it even at home incase they break in for...
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    2.7 Turbo?

    A6 v6 2.7t are identical to a s4 but tuned for torque not power. there is plenty of options a mate of mine used to have a 520bhp a6 2.7t (had rs4 engine but everythign else was standard i.e. gearbox etc) and my passat running 450bhp is all a6 under it .
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    Engine swap

    as long as its a 1.8t you should be fine. then all you have to do is put all your parts on it and done
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    Freind has full RS6 saloon interior he no loner needs

    hello all my friend is open to offers so £1200 ono :) interior has now been cleaned and looks good.
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    Freind has full RS6 saloon interior he no loner needs

    Hello all a friend has now sold his 2.7T A6 and never put the rs6 interior into it. so has a complete interior out of rear ended car The leather will be cleaned and creamed before collection. he wants only £1200 i think is a bargin.
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    2.8 30v engine, supercharger & Audi s4 engine

    Hello all my friend now gone and got himself anothe project so up for sale is PES Supercharge kit for 2.8 30v engine with spare charger and stage 2 and 3 pulleys. £2000 Also Passat A6 2.8 30v De-cat down pipes £200. 2.8 30v engine with rebuilt heads about 40k ago £1000 or will take...
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    A few Questions on A6 2.8 Quattros

    i have a passat 2.8 30v which is identical engine (now swoped it out for a 2.7T) and my 2.8 30v lump was also charged. as standard I think they are good cars. If youve driven a vr6 then youll prefer this IMO. Charger made it a completely different beast and when driver sensible I could...