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    Facelift TR Hamza MRC

    Hey All! I’ve been off the forum for a little while, I’m putting this post up as a last resort. Although I am sure Sandra will delete this post or ban me. Hamza switched tuners due to MRC being a lot closer and he is now officially sponsored by then, obviously coming to me got their...
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    Broken propshaft centre

    So, this is actually very common. A garage has done it to me in the past. That centre bearing can only be damaged in an accident or incorrect removal procedure. People just stay quiet about it. Certain garages will blame the customer and make them pay for a new one so be very wary!
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    4 pin vs 3 pin exhaust flap question - can I wire up the same?

    4F0973704 is the plug that you need. 4 pin plug for fl car exhaust valves. An update on this thread, the fl valves can work on a pre fl. Pin 1 off a pre fl loom goes to pin 3 on the fl valve motor. Hope this helps!
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    4 pin vs 3 pin exhaust flap question - can I wire up the same?

    You can rewire and you will get no fault codesunder the engine but the 2016 rs3 canbus cannot control the fl 4 pin actuators. A fix for this is to fit an exhaust flap valve controller off a facelift car onto a pre fl with fl actuators
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    Has anyone traded their RS3 in for an R8?

    The R8 you can't compare to any normal car, driving dynamics alone are simply incomparable. The non plus versions map well, same engine but different gear ratios and smaller oil coolers. Do it for sure!
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    Sportback Ceramic discs

    I would not pay more than 2500 GBP for a set of used front discs. Their is a lad called Tom Pirone selling a set in the "AUDI RS3/TTRS/S3/MK7/R THE DISTRIkT" group on facebook for an okay price.
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    uprated brakes

    Start with pads, Ferodo DS2500
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    Companies who can tune out wastegate rattle

    We have had this patch available since late 2019, through software you can get rid of around 90% of the noise but will still be present very slightly. I don't see it being possible to get rid of this noise 100% as the waste gate still needs to open at some point. Only solutions I have seen to...
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    Rs3 2018 TTE700

    Speak to @DJAlix he can sort you out remotely.
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    Rs3 2018 TTE700

    Magnetic ride calibration will help a little but won't give you the result you desire, MSS kit/lowering springs/standard suspension all have this issue at high speed where the back end is uneasy, especially on a stage 3 car. The 034 motorsports rear sway bar does help a little with this but not...
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    Strange Oil Level Issue

    When you open/close the bonnet (at least 30 seconds) the ECU commands the car to re check the oil level. Is the cluster showing the bonnet open when open?
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    Normal, these are lifetime misfire counters and not per 1000 rpm counter, if you were misfiring every 1krpm that would be something that would need looked into!
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    DRS Stage 1

    So you admit your claims are full of hot air. I question what you have “heard” and you have absolutely nothing so you bring up my RS3 crash and then immediately pretend you have no interest in it. Have a good weekend ✌
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    DRS Stage 1

    Is that what this is about? I was involved in an accident on my first RS3 pre fl when it was 1 month old in Italy back in 2016. Italian police seized the car and auctioned it off to the uk and charged us with “suspicion of racing for money/reward” which was a bs charge. After 10k in lawyer...
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    DRS Stage 1

    Ofcourse you have absolutely nothing to back your claim against. You know nothing about me or my company. I’ve been in the RS3 tuning scene for long enough and have achieved many world firsts on this platform and that speaks for itself.