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    JOM Coilovers fitted and ran in

    It was tidy, I miss it now so much, didn't realise I liked it so much. But needs must, come out of work so it had to go. Was suprised at what it went for though, I cut a deal with the finance they was giving me 8k for it then i basicly pay the rest off. I paid £10,500 for it, and they sent me a...
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    JOM Coilovers fitted and ran in

    Nothing at the moment, waiting untill march to save some money. Then Hopefully another A3 but a 3.2 instead of an oil burner, but i am realy tempted at an R32 golf but i realy dont think i'll be able to afford one.
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    JOM Coilovers fitted and ran in

    Sadly the car has gone, sold it :( the coilovers were still going strong and had no issues. After a couple of thousand miles they softend up and felt pretty good and felt alot better handling wise than stock.
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    A3 TDI sport suspension

    Got the full 2005 A3 TDI sport suspension sat in my shed from my a3. What's it worth, i've got shut of my A3 now and it went with my coilovers on it.
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    S3 Exhaust Pops and Bangs

    It's all due to the map on the cooper s. I love it, it's not a chavvy loud noise it's very subtle burble an crackles almost like a rally car. Lots guys find it dispeers when the cars are mapped. But few of tuners will map it to keep that. They run it a little rich on overrun as safty thing to...
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    Two soakings in two days!!!

    Invest in one of these, push the water off before you set off. majority of the problem solved. WIN lol
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    Bodykit/bumper options for 03-05 A3 TDI ?

    Votex front and side look ace, i hate the rear looks like somthing from a saxo, id swap it for an S3 rear bumper.
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    Did Audi ever offer the A3 1.9TDI in S-Line trim?

    Its seems to be one all the spec lists on the review sites like parkers and whatcar etc.
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    Mood Lighting

    Hmm looks like a project then, just been having look around, but it looks like it may be pretty diffcult without cutting and drilling bits out and finding someway without it looking chavv.
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    Mood Lighting

    Is there a factory option for the A3 for mood lighting, if not as anyone ever tackled a DIY at it. I want somthing like this from the s class or this audi a8
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    my new a3 which alloys?

    I got my ch rep from a place called LK performanc. Very good deals on the wheels and tyres. But they have a massive show room with all there wheels. Anyway they sell all VAG rep and the finishs where pretty dam good.
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    Problems fitting lower rear valence

    To be completly honest, I think looks abit crap. It doesn't flow with the lines of the stock bumper because of the groove above. I think will just look wrong unless you use the sline bumper.
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    Anyone got a 10 reg A3 2.0 Tdi (140) remapped?

    Think all the 10 reg Audis have anti temper ecus, making its very difficult to alter. I heard no one could do it yet, how true it is i don't know.
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    HELP what coilovers to go for???

    Speak to the guy from meister, one of the guys on our mini club got some but with minis it's hard to get coilovers that will retain comfort and go realy low. On the mini there made to only go to about 50 mm, because they wanted to retain quality and not get at bad name just for the sake of mega...
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    clutch options after a remap

    What flywheel though. The flywheel is my issue, do have change that.