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    VAG Admit Cheating Diesel Emmissions...

    I don't think there will be any impact on road tax in the UK. If I understand this years Budget correctly almost all cars will be £140 a year from next year. I think the uk government has already made it clear the road tax will not be impacted for cars affected by the NOx situation so I would...
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    Who was it that said I'd never get 50mpg from the 1.4COD?

    I definitely have found a big difference between 65-70 and 75-80. Recent trip abroad saw over 53 mpg on a tankful at the lower speed but not much more than 42-43 mpg at the higher speed. At 65-70 the 2 cylinder mode kicks in frequently on flat or gentle downhills but only infrequently at the...
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    Who was it that said I'd never get 50mpg from the 1.4COD?

    My fuel economy is very similar to the above. Average over 9,000 miles brim to brim of 42.30 with a worst tank of 38.25 and a best of 53.25 (on a long steady motorway cruise through Switzerland and Austria last month - would have been better had the Arlberg tunnel not been closed and the...
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    Front seat belt holders creaking

    My passenger seat buckle holder has been creaking for a few weeks now. Not had a chance to take it in yet. Drivers side is fine.
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    A3 1.4 TFSI COD Fuel Economy

    I have done just under 4,000 miles in the last 6 months in my manual. Average mpg using actual fuel used at each fill up is 40.6 mpg. Best tankful was 43.9 and the worst 38.2. This is 80% journeys around town so few motorway miles or fast A roads. Have a trip to Innsbruck in a few months...
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    Awful economy on new engine

    Quick update - first long motorway run completed - 50 mpg on the trip computer after 80 miles of motorway so probably about 47-48 mpg in real term. This was keeping to the limit or below where traffic heavy.
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    Awful economy on new engine

    I have 2,500 miles on my 150 cod now. Overall brim to brim figure for the 2,500 miles is 41 mpg but that is almost all short runs around town. I zero the trip computer long term memory each time I fill up so I know that is roughly 2 mpg optimistic over a tankful. The only long run (100+...
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    Audi Messed Up

    Also look on the bright side - new March plate and the worst of the winter grit and salt on the roads should be over. Best to try and get some sort of compensation on servicing costs going forwards and take the the free loan car for what it is.
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    Clock change

    My car was the same - satellite image next to clock and it did not change automatically. I found in system settings time sub menu (should be top left option in the MMI system settings screen) that my car was set for No against the automatic clock change option - i.e. at change from summer to...
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    First 1500 Miles With 1.4tfsi Cod S-tronic

    It does activate with cruise control on but usually not for long unless on a very flat stretch of road
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    First 1500 Miles With 1.4tfsi Cod S-tronic

    I have also done about 1,400 miles from new and brim to brim consumption average of just under 42mpg. That does include a lot of short in town drives. On a long fast road and motorway trip I got about 48mpg on the trip - although this was also with some in town traffic. I have standard cruise...
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    What would you choose?

    In my view both are nice options but not essential. Therefore I would actually not go for either.
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    A3 1.4 TFSI COD

    Regular for me
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    What have you done with your UK tax disc?

    What have you done with your UK paper tax disc following the changes in road tax rules on 1 October. If still waiting for your A3 please feel free to respond for your existing car. Please no posts on pros and cons of the changes. Interested to see how many have left the disc in the car and how...
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    A3 1.4 TFSI COD

    This weeks Autocar has a long term test of A3 Saloon 1.4 COD S-tronic. Average over 7,000 miles of 44.7 mpg which is much more consistent with what you are seeing. I am also at around 42-43 mpg over the first 1,200 miles or so (using actual litres used). With my car I can definitely get...