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    Crewe Audi stock

    Thanks for the info in this thread. Bexley Audi have a Turbo Blue car which they have already registered for 'overs'. My wife does not like it due to the black wheels .....:busted cop:
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    B7 Rs4 info

    Just be aware it will only just make 390bhp and the engines carbon up after about 4,000 miles. Also the DRC leaked, but Audi provided warranty for 5 years if I recall correctly. Ha ha, say new member .. Member Since: Nov 15, 2006
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    Insurance ?.

    I am not sure what you are asking, but a quote is a quote, just read the T&Cs
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    M3 m'way - unmarked Silver Focus Estate "HF09 ADH"

    It does not sound like a traffic car, hence the warning. If it had been, they would have been in Lane1 and hence you would not have had a problem. If you post on Pistonheads, I am sure somebody will confirm it is not a BIB traffic car.
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    Quick question about rear doors Audi RS4 B7 Shape HELP ASAP PLEASE

    I would be surprised if they are not the same
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    S3 with B7 RS4 brake system

    Try the ceramic, these can now be bought on their own
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    Beware in Liverpool!!!!

    They won't be new ... more than likely ceased vehicles.
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    Difficult to select 1st gear, when starting. B7

    My car has never done this hot or cold ...
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    RS4 Cab - potential purchase

    In a word loads ... try RS246 and have a read ...:racer:
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    Dymags.....sorry Alex!

    They do look good .. :hubbahubba: BUT hard to tell if they look ok on a non black car.. Ie Sprint Blue, might look weird with a silver centre and black carbon rim .. What is the sales channel ? Dymag say contact them directly ??
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    Audi-Driver event!!.. Thoughts? Pics and a couple of new mods!! ;)

    Since the plates and Tax have been removed, I assume the roof has been bent .... so a bin job ...I suppose it is worth £20k scrap ??
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    Audi RS4 Crash, Castle Coombe - Audi Driver International 2008

    So you are telling me he had been trying todo power slides .... we all thought on Audisrs it was due to trying to overtake the TT and offline etc tec
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    Looking for an RS4

    Angelp, what area do you want help in ...... ?
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    Polished Bliss: Sprint Blue RS4 on 20s - Studio shots!

    Suggest to the owner to buy RS4 valves and caps, but nice job !
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    Had to buy new A6 3.2 engine after just 44k miles, Audi UK only pays half

    I would not pay, stand firm and explain this just plain ridiculous !