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Jun 16, 2013
Jun 10, 2003
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Jun 16, 2013
    1. anilkumar
      R.I.P andy
    2. Gops
      RIP Andy.. You will be greatly missed here and indeed on every forum you were on.
    3. voorhees
      Andy passed away June 2013
    4. Patrick_c99
      Good morning Andy.
      i was just wondering if you still made the sub enclosures?
      and how much it would cost for the enclosure with sub and amp?
    5. Raincheck
      Hi, is your stealth Sub still available and suitable for my 2011 Sportsback 1.6 TDi
    6. Bramley
      Hi mate,

      Do you still do the stealth sub for A3 8P 3 Door??

    7. alloyboy
      Hi Andy - Paul here from Alloy Wheels - Alloy Wheels NI - Specialist supplier of alloy wheels and tyres - Autoalloys - Magherafelt in Northern Ireland.

      We're very big into the VW/AUDI alloy wheel thing in NI, and we sell alot of wheels into the UK, we would be keen on becoming a site sponsor possibly - can you tell me if theres any alloy wheel specialists on site? and what packages there are available?

    8. welch1.8t
      Hi Andy, I have upgraded my speakers and hu in my 1998 non Bose a3. They work fine using the RCA adapter but I'm not quite happy using the ****ty Audi amp powering the rears. Would it be better//possible to bypass the amp and run them from my sony head unit. I understand I would have to run wires and I Dont have a prob with that. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    9. strawman
      Hi Andy,sure you get asked this alot but are you still making the stealth sub for the sportback.?
      Cheers, Phil
    10. Élio Severiano
      Élio Severiano

      Can you send me more details about your MDF subwoofer for Audi A3 8P?

      I find your website (dizzythedog.com) on google and I'm interested..

      My car have the standart sound with RNS-E.. I also have the adapter to quadlock because my original radio is the audi concert 2 (1-din)..

      Regards, Élio Severiano
    11. markie A3
      markie A3
      Hi Andy

      Just wondered if its ok to post for a group buy remap, I've arranged Angel tuning (Nigel) for Saturday the 19th Nov in Harrogate

    12. Phil-UK
      Hi Andy,

      I'm after some MDF speaker adaptors for an A4 Avant B6 2003 and I see you had some on ebay for sale but currently have none. Will you be making more available?

      Regards, Philip
    13. MrMagic
      Hi Andy,

      You have Guru status when it comes to Audi Sound set ups! I am all the way from South Africa, have a 2007 A3 sportback...I want to desperately upgrade the sub but don't want to sacrifice boot space. Also want to replace the door speaker unit with JBL splits.....or any other splits that will refine the current flat grey sound - please advise what do you recommend?

      Thanks in advance

      Thanks in advance
    14. ellroyjetson
      Hi, I have read on a few forums and you seem to be the man to ask, i have just got an audi s3 2001 y reg, its got the symphony sound HU and bose speakers, but i would like to put a sub in the boot, not bothered about losing space in the boot, but i dont have a clue how to wire it up or what else i need apart from a sub and amp, any help would be most appreciated
    15. domward
      Hi andy

      I see you have helped quite alot of peopl I have just bought a 1999 audi a3 and there was no unit just wires and connectors.
      I found this picture I do not have the large brown connector or the smaller yellow and green ones... the black one which succesffully powers my sendai head unit and I have the small blue one and I also have the red and small brown one which I think are not important... I also have 9 loose wires maybe some of these are from the connector things im missing? think standard system no amp on the right so probably have standard amp in sub which is there. Do you know how i;d go about sortin the 9 loose wires or simply just getting sound to my front and rear speakers + sub ??? I have bought pc9-404/pc9-410 not completely sure which ones which though came as multi pack halfords.... any help would be great mate
    16. G60DAN
      Well AndyMac is the man his stealth sub enclosure is top class. Iv fitted mine and it's awesome having bass back makes me drive the car more now it's sound so much better. Well worth it and the Installation manual is top class.
    17. forty3
      Hi there,

      I've just been looking at the stealth sub enclosure and was wondering how much you charge for it without the sub?

      cheers bud
    18. wagon
      hi mate,

      i think im planing on buying a becker grand prix 7992 for my s3.

      from your recomendation.

      im guessing it should just slot stright in, ( i have facia adaptors from before ) and im guessing the wireing should be all good. ( the pins swapped ).

      am i right in saying there shouldnt be a problem with the bose system, wont need any more cables etc. im also looking to get the ipod cable, but cant see if it supports the latest ipod's. (spec ipod touch gen 2)

      let me know what you think. cheers pal.
    19. AndyMac
      You'd need a fibreglass enclosure in order to get the internal volume needed for a 10" sub, this would also intrude into the boot and would need trimming to match the boot panel. People have done it but it's a lot of work and access to the rear lights would also be effected. I imagine about £250. I really don't rate fibreglass, it has to be very well done with loads of layers to come anywhere close to the rigidity of MDF.
    20. madluke
      hello andy. i see you know a lot about sound systems in car. i got JBL 10" sub and amb, i was wonder how much would it cost enclosure on the side of the but to fit it.
    21. AndyMac
      No idea sorry, sounds like a duff HU if it's intermittant. Try wiring it up to a 12v supply (outside of the car) and see if the problem still exists. This will identify if it's a HU problem or a wiring issue on your car.
    22. andrewaudi
      To add, bothe former and the new HUs do not show BOSE, an the front speakers work directly from the connectors in the brown plug.
    23. andrewaudi
      AndyMac. Can you help me please. I've slotted a concert II into my 2000 A6, and expecting a CAN-BUS that I bought on ebay from Germany. One problem bothers me though. When I turn the HU on, sometime the front speakers don't work, only the rears, but if I push the power knob in and out a couple of times, it usually cuts in. I chcked the brown plag - it is not a contact problem there. I also found several other people on net having the same problem. Any clue why this would happen and what the fix for it?
    24. mja4cab
      Hi mate,top quote - matt johnson,The The - top music, Infected - top album......
    25. AndyMac
      Hi Jim
      No there isn't. fuel tank and filler neck totally in the way.
      cheers, Andy
    26. Ballcrusher
      hello mate long time hows things hope all is well. i wondering if there is any way of adding 2 enclosures to the the car with one on either side of the boot.


    27. Lilgaz
      Just to let you know all went well and is up and running...sounds amazing...thanks for all your help fella, take it easy!
    28. Cali
      Hi Andy
      Just wondering how you were getting on with he new A3 sub enclosures?
    29. Lilgaz
      Cheers fella, I agree about the soldering, but my crimps are nice and tight (ratchet crimping tool) and had continuity. I also wrapped them in insulation tape so theyre not going anywhere. I`ll check if there`s current flowing through the wire with my open jaw/ fork tester either side of the OEM connector block and either side of the crimps.
      Thanks again
    30. AndyMac
      The Bose amp would only be on if the HU was on, so sounds unlikely. The ignition would only turn the HU on if it was already on last time you used it. Sounds like you just need to check the connections and check your crimps are properly making contact. Personally I hate anything that relies on a friction connection as they are the most likely to fail. Far better to solder the wires together and use heatshrink tubing to insulate if you can. You won't damage anything but if you're planning on a new HU then I'd get started on that rather than wasting time with the Bose stuff.
    31. Lilgaz
      I didn`t remove any fuses while removing the door card and from what I can remember I may have had the ignition on, therefore the amp may have been live. I hadn`t tested the sony`s until i had fitted them into the door card and installed in the car..stupid i know..just assumed they`d work straight from the box...i`ll be testing the others before install just to make sure. My door card is in but not sitting correctly, so when i re-fit i`l check the wiring and see if the connectors are fully engaged. (was a rush fitting as it was starting to rain)
      Is it ok to switch the HU on to try and test the new sony`s without risk of damaging them? or should i wait until theyre wired from the new HU when the Bose amp is bypassed?
    32. AndyMac
      It must be a fault at the amp then, even if you wired them back to front they would still work, you'd just get a bit of bass cancellation from the other speakers. Are you sure the Sony's are working? What happens if you refit the old Bose speakers? All I can think is that you may have been working on the wiring while the Bose amp was turned on, but that's a long shot. Nothing else should have blown the output stage on the amp unless the Sony speaker is shorting/faulty.
    33. Lilgaz
      I cut and isolated the OEM tweeter leads separately (close to the connector block), and crimped onto the two cables for other speaker.
    34. AndyMac
      What did you do with the existing wiring running to the OEM tweeter?
    35. Lilgaz
      Yes the Bose speakers were working, the cable from the Bose amp to the female connector in the door is OEM. The sony tweeter (4 ohm) with capacitor inline (+) is wired in parallel with the 2-way sony speaker (4 ohm) using the sony supplied cable, which i have then through crimped onto the OEM male connector. I checked and tested for continuity from the male pins to each respective terminal on the speakers - all ok. I also noted that the polarity on the Bose wiring differs from that of sony`s and changed over.


      Red +
      Red Black -

      Bose (noted from speaker markings, not from a wiring diagram so I may be wrong)

      Green -
      Green & Black +


    36. AndyMac
      No, the only effect of using a higher impedance speaker is that you get less power delivered from the amp. the fact you're getting no power at all means either your connections aren't connecting, or you've shorted out that channel on the Bose amp somehow. Was the Bose speaker working before? Are you using the original wiring, and if so how have you connected the Sony speaker?
      Cheers, Andy
    37. Lilgaz
      Alrite Andy, just a quick one.
      As part of my audio upgrade which you have been helping me out with (post in ICE forum), I replaced the original Bose speaker and tweeter in my drivers door with a 4 ohm impedance sony`s. (All other speakers and HU factory standard (symphony & bose 2 ohm). To check they were working, I turned on the the HU on to test but got no sound what so ever, even when fading all of the sound to the front right. Is this normal due to an "unbalanced load" or because the bose/nokia origanal amp is still in circuit supplying the speakers (soon to be bypassed).
    38. Hitharder
      hi andy u had any takers for your new stealth sub tryout?
    39. AndyMac
      The normal interface is a 13 pin socket, but it's quite a way back in the cubbyhole past the rear seatbelt reel. Sounds like the previous owner had anaftermarket changer and used an additional interface to get it to work, thus the phono plugs. If you trace the phono plugs back they should plug into the OEM lead further back in the cubbyhole (towards the front of the car).
      To connect an iPOD you just need an xcarlink or Dension ICELink. This plugs into the changer port on the back of the HU and fools the HU into thinking a changer is connected, so allows the iPOD to play via the line in connections, so no loss of quality.
      Cheers, Andy
    40. calbeaver
      Hi andy, i am wondering if you can help me... i have a a3 ts year 99. the guy that had it before me has taken the mutli changer from the boot... i had a look at the cables that are left and all i can see are 2 phono leads. Can you tell me what these are for as they dont look like the ones i need to replace the changer.

      The more reseach i do, i am thinking that if i can connect my ipod into my concert unit i would do this rather than install a new changer as my ipod is where all my music is... can this be done whilst keeping a good sound quality.
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