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    For Sale S3 8L Breaking.

    Sorry never saw the notification of reply. Still after one if you have it.
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    For Sale S3 8L Breaking.

    Do you have side skirts Ideally just the passenger side part before the rear wheel arch
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    Finally fitted the RNS-D ...

    S kont is wired up for RNSD I had it fitted from factory to my car, just took it out recently and didn't need to wire up the S Kont for an aftermarket stereo.
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    Aftermarket radio whine

    I'm changing over the factory RNSD in my S3 with BOSE to a Kenwood nav unit, im using the Autoleads adaptor that provides RCA connections. The problem I've got is that as soon as I connect up the remote power on for the BOSE amp I start getting a whine through the speakers. Tested with and...
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    RNS-D Hidden Options

    The filename for RNS-D update is at least thats the file that I downloaded. Should then just a matter of burning it to CD and then inserting it into the car for the update.
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    RNS-D Hidden Options

    Did you find a copy?
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    Sat Nav

    Had it in mine from new, was very happy with it although the fact it used CDs for maps was a pain especially when travelling in europe through multiple countries. TMC worked well and the display on the dash, duplicating the junction instructions was nice. However I would certainly look at...
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    RNS-E - Anyone purchased from this Guy ?

    ebay gives around £120 protection minus something like £20 costs (at least it did when I last claimed). Paypal gives protection for full value depending on seller status if bought through ebay and a sort of complaint procedure if bought outside of ebay, which in theory should get your money...
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    Help! bose related !

    Box with the foam is the central locking pump Possibly BOSE code would come up on the fitted options label in the spare wheel well? Amp for the sub is internal, the amp on the right hand side of the boot is for the other speakers. You should be able to unplug the sub and have sound, or I would...
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    German Ebay To English Ebay?

    Says enter text or website url, url would translate the whole page
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    Hub Spacers

    Working in an engineering company I would have to say its quite easy to make so called identical parts different and affect the final cost. Tolerances the parts are machine to Actual material they are made from, many different grades of aluminium alloys Finish of the parts, hard anodising...
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    Rear seats won't drop.

    Had this happen a few times, I used to bang it in the hope it would open but in the end I found the easiest way was use a small screwdriver and just lever the catch up on the back of the chair while pulling the handle.
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    210 AMK engines whos had theres remapped?

    I would have thought its the APY engines they dont like (pre-facelift). Had mine done just over 3 years ago by AMD and never had any issues with it and they didnt make any fuss about it being an AMK. 272/290, figures are probably optomistic but in the end it feels like there is a decent...
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    Wheel Refurb? How much..

    I had my rstt's done at lepsons in Gillingham however if you contact them theyll tell you of a local agent you can drop your wheels off with. Pristine were also very good on a previous set of wheels I had. B.J.V/ were ok, they were a lot cheaper than the others but...
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    18" wheel upgrade - advice appreciated

    Something doesnt add up with these, genuine TT wheels are offset of 33 and I thought they were 8" wide, not ET20 and 8.5" respectively, again the edging detail is not right for an RSTT wheel. I would guess hes got the PCD wrong and its an RS4 type from an A4. I had a set of Italian reps but...