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    Chassis Pics

    Due to needing to do some repairs on my chassis I was hoping someone had some pics of their S8 being repaired or sprayed.. So can see the chassis rails...
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    Is anyone still alive here?

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    S4 Rs4 exhaust manifold

    Thanks... I have a spare set so will work on them. Andy
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    S4 Rs4 exhaust manifold

    OK... What is the difference between these? Pre / post FL &etc Cheers Andy
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    Oil - B5 S4

    i run 5w50 Valvoline in mine
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    Led Bulbs - Audi S4

    seems to only get upset at the backs.
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    B5 Alloy Uprights

    I assume due to different ball joint taper?
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    B5 Alloy Uprights

    I used to have 2 but some xxxx removed one
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    B5 Alloy Uprights

    I have 1 each here, I shall weigh them
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    B5 Alloy Uprights

    I know it's been asked but Are there other chassis with alloy uprights except RS4 ones (seem to cost a lot) B6/B7? Andy
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    S4 Afterrun Water Pump

    Bye bye pump... Mine hasn't run in yes as I am nice to the engine
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    S4 Afterrun Water Pump

    Hey all. Had a constant leak for a while. The electric pump kinda fell apart.... So..... Naturally liking to declutter broken crap I want to remove it..... I don't drive hard and switch off... Ever Thoughts please
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    Bilstein Pss9 Info

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents I am playing with my dampers to get a more complient ride due to the utter crap we call roads in rural Dorset I wondered if anyone knew what the spring rates were on the PSS9 dampers I have. Bilstein dont seem to know!!! thanks in advance. p.s. they are going for...
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    Dial kits

    Who was it that was making those dial kits?
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    2000-2000.5 LED Lights

    std bulbs work fine.