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    Audi member out...

    Thanks for all the support i got from this site when i was building and maintaining my a4, the car is up for sale now after having pretty much resprayed the whole car and making it the mintest avaliable on the market. Just thpught id thank you all as alot of questions i have had have always been...
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    New wheels rota grid drifts?

    Pretty sure the et will be incorrect. You should be sticking between 35-45
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    I go to this often, tbh i think most people go to this for the race there and home down the long straight to the round about! Its an ok meet but people arent as friendly as at some other meets ive been to, but saying that there is a few nice peeps there that are happy to talk! Saw a toyota...
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    What do you do for a job?

    Thanks alot cheers fpr the support still only working from home! Trying to build buisness first before a move to a permanent premises. Been restoring alot of suzuki lt80's atm. Trying to get a big stock for christmas as sell like hot cakes!
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    What do you do for a job?

    Yer matey
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    What do you do for a job?

    Nvq3 carpenter and plumber! Part time quad bike and moto x buisness starting as we speak.... quadrift motorsport =)
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    Boost issue?

    Hate to say this But i have heard of similar problems and the problem eneded up being the turbo
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    Boost issue?

    The dv could be faulty and not holding your boost correctly.
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    my car is knocking on the front end for some reason

    Most probally drop links as said, does it happen when turning or just over bumps amd stuff
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    Boost issue?

    Are you running an aftermarket dv
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    Looking at my first Audi

    Great engine, ive driven both a cab and a saloon and the differnces in stabiltity between the hard top and soft top are worlds apart! The cab rolls dramatically and has a very light feeling to the rear! I must say i only drove a 2 wheel drive so the quatroo will be better! Id have a look at the...
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    Lightweight wheels

    I been looking at the pro race 1.2 and are ligtweight just unsure how they would look on car need to research
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    Lightweight wheels

    Im after a set of light weight wheels for my b6! The current rs6 alloys are just way to heavy and are sapping life and power from my car! I am looking at ultraleggera wheels as i no these are light but have any of you got any suggestions that have fitments for the a4! Thanks
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    Bluewater Meet!

    I also would be interested in bluewater meet
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    What bulbs best?

    I am not normally one to post such threads as this but i am just wondering what non xenon bulbs you guys use for your dipped headlight and side lights? Am after a really bright light but not into hids! Thanks