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    Wanted Wanted Special Order colour RS3 8v

    As title suggests after a special order colour RS3 8v. PFL or FL I don't mind. I believe most special order colours were highly spec'd anyway. Cash waiting for the right car. Please DM me :)
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    Sportback RS3 8v Transfer Box Leaking?

    The bearing was put on a stethoscope and was noisy. There wasn't any noise from the transfer box before. I think there's a slight wine from it now but I'm no longer driving the car.
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    Sportback RS3 8v Transfer Box Leaking?

    Has anyone had issues with the Transfer Box slightly leaking oil? Can they be repaired by replacing the Seals etc or is a whole new Transfer box needed? The car was driving fine beforehand and was in for a 20k service at a Specialist where it also needed a Wheel Bearing as this was noisy...
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    Stage Three Build

    Great build so far, looking forward to seeing it progress
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    Facelift Audi RS3 Performance Parts

    Looks mega!
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    Sportback RS3 Headlamp Part NO?

    Ok thanks T-800
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    Sportback RS3 Headlamp Part NO?

    Thank you sir, do you know if the headlamp lens is available to purchase from Audi separately? My lens has a small crack and I’d rather not purchase the entire headlamp! Amir
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    Sportback RS3 Headlamp Part NO?

    Hi Can anyone provide me with the Part NO of an RS3 Headlamp (DS). For a PFL 2016 car. Audi apparently cannot give out part NOs anymore! Also does anyone know if its the same as an S3 8V? Thanks
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    PFL dipped beam not working

    How much is the new unit?
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    Mk7 R Considering Pfl (2016) Rs3?

    I came from an R, I do not regret my decision at all. Even my insurance at 21 years old was less on the RS3 than the R. My view is this, the R is a near perfect car and I would take one over an S3, Focus RS etc however if you have the funds available and want to get the best hatch the RS3 is...
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    Post Pics Of Your 8V RS3's In Here

    The fastest colour for an RS3 :) - From Maidenhead, Berkshire
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    PFL Not enough pops and bangs?

    What fuel are you using?