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    RS5 8pots brake disc's fit a 8V S3 ?

    Hi, Did the RS5 brakes fit on S3?
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    Here is a full video explaining on how to fit a virtual cockpit with the new rules :)
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    How To Upgrade Your AUDI Key Fob To The Latest Style D.I.Y Video

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    Key fob upgrade

    That looks great. I have orderd that key case and will put a video on how to install it in some weeks
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    My Audi A3/S3 Project All Video Parts

    All Project Part On My Audi :)
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    Upgrading to RS3 Airvents (Full Video)

    Full step by step installation of RS3 air vents :)
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    Key fob upgrade

    Here is a full step by step installation in 4K :)
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    Audi Smart Key Fob Upgrade

    Here is a full step by step installation in 4K :)
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    Replacing air vent Blades

    Nice looking good!
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    My S3 8VS Project Part 1 (Video link)

    Hi, Wanted to share what i have done to my Audi S3 8VS. I will put more parts on the channel. Show support and subscribe Full Carbon Interior (not genuine)
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    Red Air Vent Blades

    Hi, Here is a full step by step tutorial on how to install them :)