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    Need help with diagnostic issues 2005 Allroad 2.5tdi BAU

    More Faults than a car.. I would try to erase everything and see See what comes back. so many faults could be caused as a result of poor ground. connection.
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    v6 tdi quattro throttle surge / issue

    The viscous fan exploded when the viscous fan clutch is stuck. Replace both
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    v6 tdi quattro throttle surge / issue

    Let's make some guesses. Check the electrical contacts of the MAF sensor and the MAP sensor. Check that the turbo rotates freely, look for pressure leakage from the Intake system מתבצע ניסיון חוזר... Check that the turbo rotates freely, look for pressure leakage from the...
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    v6 tdi quattro throttle surge / issue

    Can you pull a fault codes ?
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    A6 C5 2.5tdi V6 cut out won't start

    01441 Low Fuel Level Sensor (G210) This sensor is located inside the diesel fuel tank. Its job is to shut down the engine when the diesel fuel in the tank runs out
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    A6 C5 2.5tdi V6 cut out won't start

    Check the timing of the injection pump. Do you have the option to scan for fault codes?
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    Allroad 2.5 tdi 180 Tyres & Dash Fault

    The main reason for activating these three alerts is the ABS system. Do you have the option of scanning car malfunction codes?
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    Audi a6 c5 after auto. to manual transs. conversion the car wont start

    Sounds like a battery that for whatever reason was discharged during the work that you done. Recharge the battery and check again. Because of the case, (low volteg) you may find some error codes, delete them
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    Urgent help needed

    Oil should not be there. This is a sign of worn oil pressure seals Inside the steering body . You will probably find a similar pipe connector on the other side of the steering body as well. These are a drain pipe (if there is a leak)
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    Suspension pump

    This happens when the compressor works too long and gets very hot. To repair the compressor sometimes you need to spend more time to clean and inspect the compressor parts. For example, the compressor cylinder must be smooth without scratches, a one-way valve located on the piston requires...
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    Front wiper arm

    In this case the wiper arm must be twisted to place the wiper upright on glass.
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    Front wiper arm

    Is the wiper noisy in only one working direction?
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    Stooopid air suspension question from a newbie...

    My vehicle ran with four corners of first-generation arnott airbags and original shock absorbers for about 5 years without Leaks and with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service. The swap is easy (the beg only Unless the shock absorber is damaged ), with standard tools and two jack...
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    Suspension pump

    No. When the pressure leak is not massive yet The system has a 16 bar air pressure tank and the system will keep the vehicle straight until the air runs out in a pressure tank. Even when the vehicle is locked and key in your pocket