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    Big brakes

    yeh boras sweet mate. Hybrid powered torque monster now, and still sees 60 mpg when towing my work trailer!! lol deffo a keeper this one i love it. whats the new motor gonna be? got any plans yet?

    Big brakes

    lol.. hello stranger. you well?

    Big brakes

    Hi people, long time and all that. I was wondering if any of you lot are selling some form of big brakes to fit my bora. (same hubs as the s3s) Please do not post prices etc on here as mods will lock this thread. Please could you PM me. Many thanks.. G

    Forum Thieves scouting...SERIOUS WARNING

    Long time ASN... just to let you know as you are after all car enthusiasts. there has been alot of wheels / cars / general robbings of out cars. They are scouting the forums looking at build threads etc. There has been a good 4 5 in east london off of 1 forum in a week!! Those members of...

    not really a rant... but baby names.... seriously

    We called out girl Lexie. (Lex) different and pretty all in one imo.

    poppy burning *****

    think this to PC England need to stop being so PC and stand up for ourselves more.

    Little Raver Kid

    shame its been tinkered with. Forking tune tho!

    Siena ripped me off

    some one say siena..... the twunt!

    A bit of random anything..

    and wibble wobble biggaboogas?
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    A bit of random anything..

    Egg, bacon, toms, shrooms, hash browns, bangers, toast and a cuppa tea. but mostly wasps with hard ons... random enough?
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    Mordaunt short aviano 2`s

    just upgraded from the 902is and what a fking difference. the top end is very close to my Kef q5`s and there twice as expensive.mids are very wide and warm, can feel vocals being pushed into your ears, bottom end is very responsive also, tho im not pushing them atm as there in the running in...
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    tazzy mate, i would go ******* garraty if that happend to one of my kids!! Glad shes ok, but i would be on a rampage to fing out whos dog it was and id put the ****** down myself!! as for the owner, they would prob get a bit as well for letting it run loose. My eldest is 7 so i know what...
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    One for the diesel boys (and girls)

    i use shell derv all the time, that added with millers. My mapped PD with decat runs sweet as a nut. i get average 59 mpg on a long run and around 40 and 45 around town (depending on how im driving) After feeling the difference in fuels on having to fill up on tesco fuel on my scooby one day...
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    For Katy Perry fans.... (like me :-))

    but mes got a skin ed!
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    For Katy Perry fans.... (like me :-))

    what is this white substance over my keybored?