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    LED Cup Holder Centre Console

    [Guide] Audi A3 8V Genuine LED Cupholder Retrofit | ( - on the stickies
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    Is my Manual gearbox about to go?

    Sounds like something in the linkage/shifting mechanism, doesn't sound like the gearbox itself
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    Auto-dimming mirror glass retro-fit

    Cheers, I have a facelift with folding mirrors (I know the orange connector is there but not sure if it goes back to the interior mirror or just to the door module) but no auto dimming glass and i have the frameless mirror but i'll have to check the connections in there
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    Auto-dimming mirror glass retro-fit

    Was the wiring to the interior mirror already there from the drivers side? I know I have the connector on my drivers side but unsure if it goes back to the interior mirror
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    Auto-dimming mirror glass retro-fit

    Where did you get your drivers side mirror from or did you already have auto dimming glass on the drivers side? I've been trying to find the auto dimming glass without going to the dealers (£££) but they're like rocking horse poo on ebay and european ones will be no good as the glass is different
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    Facelift Passenger seat storage drawer LHD >> RHD

    Depending on the spec of your car, the B&O amp is under the passenger seat so Audi might have left the drawer on that side to accommodate space for the amp or the seat might snag it at its lowest setting
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    Facelift Airbag removal - no clips

    PDF_19513_Audi_B9_Carbon_Fiber_Steering_Wheel_Trim_Installation.pdf ( See link above. A lot of patience is required and swearing will happen! Good luck!
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    Using the car DA polisher on granite surfaces. Anyone done this?

    Thanks, gives me something to do over xmas!
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    bye bye google satellite overlay

    I called Audi Connect services about this because I keep getting a pop up in the car about the licence expiring even though they renewed it for a year. The guy on the phone point blank said there is no replacement for Google Earth and there is nothing they can do about it! I'm not holding my...
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    Does anyone actually know how to fix hot air from passenger side vents with A/C on?

    See part 10: HOSES & LINES.. Volkswagen (
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    Facelift Alarm Volume

    Let us know how you get on! Agree, the air horns might be a bit too much :wink:!
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    Facelift Alarm Volume

    Is there a way to increase the volume of the alarm? Maybe with a new siren or with the horn? Mine went off last night and it wasn't very "alarming". It was only by chance I saw the lights flashing. I know the alarm in Audi's have been made to German noise regulations hence why they are quiet.
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    Using the car DA polisher on granite surfaces. Anyone done this?

    Looks awesome! Which compound and pad did you use?
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    Silica bag removed

    I think it just age because it doesn't seem to be happening on new cars. Maybe they are going brittle? The bag is quite robust but age will eventually get to it as its only thin meshed plastic. My dad has a 2019 Audi Q2 which uses G13 coolant like my 2017 S3, but the expansion tank in the Q2...
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    Silica bag removed

    I took mine out at the weekend. No need to replace the tank, syphon out the coolant in there, remove the hoses and electrical connector. Take the bag out of the tank and reinstall. Doing it this takes away the risk of it clogging up the coolant system if it bursts when taking it out. Topped up...