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    Weedkiller for block paving

    Jeyes Fluid works for me every time. Mix with water, spray on and leave for a few hours then hose off. Cheers,
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    Help, No Brakes

    I agree with Jojo. Mine were a pig to do last year, so went ond bought an eezibleed. Works like a charm... Cheers,
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    What cars have you had before your S3 ?

    My list: X Plate Talbot-Matra Rancho S Plate Mk 2 Escort 1.3L X Plate Mk1 Fiesta 1.1L A Plate Mk2 Fiesta 1.3 Ghia H Plate Mazda 323 GT 3 Door K Plate 205 Gti 1.9 K Plate Mazda 323 Gti 5 Fastback T Plate Focus 2.0 Ghia M Plate Mazda Mx5/Eunos 1.8 51 Plate S3 Bikes: X Plate Kawasaki Er-5 R...
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    Temperature Reading

    Oh yeah, -11.5 on mine at 0700 this morning... And she started instantly at the 1st turn of the key :happy: Cheers,
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    Temperature Reading

    Sloppy/lazy coding in the DIS software. I've seen it many times in the past on systems where negative numbers are not handled properly... Cheers,
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    clutch nightmare!!!!

    I've had 2 clutches replaced in mine, and for the sake of an extra £40ish I've had a new slave each time for piece of mind... Cheers,
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    s3 heated seats?

    I think I've switched mine on twice in the 4 years I've had my S3. Once to check they worked, after swapping the seats, and once to have a laugh at my friend... Even at -9.5 yesterday, the leather was OK to sit on. Cheers,
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    ICE Upgrade in 8L S3

    The AndyMac Sub: It rocks! Simple. Cheers,
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    iPhone 4 anyone upgraded to ios 5?

    Not all that different really. Marginally quicker Slightly better battery life. I like the new notification scheme with swipe to access the message/event etc double click to wake and get to camera and ipod controls is nice. backup to iCloud is easier than iTunes need to upgrade to Lion on my...
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    Is anyone on audisport getting a RS3

    Saw a grey one the other week near me. Was following it for a couple of miles, thinking it was a bog standard A3. Was not until I got really close, when he slowed down to turn off, I spotted the exhaust, wheels and of course the badge. Very subtle hyper hatch IMHO. Cheers,
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    2.0tdi or 3.0tdi ?

    Cheers for the feedback Daz. I've now decided to move house, so the car change will go on the back burner until new abode is found and sorted. Just have to use my dad's Scooby when I visit... (Sadly it's a Forester. He sold the Imprezza 5 years ago!)
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    highest range out of an s3 8l.........

    Normally get 360-400 off a tank with mixed driving. Easily hit 450 on a cruise to the lakes and back, and managed 495 the other week. Worked out at 37.1mpg... Cheers,
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    Any real difference between S3 and MkIV R32 MPG?

    I got 495 miles out of mine just the other week. A 65-70mph cruise to the Lake District and back will do that. Regularly see the range at fill-up around the 450-500 mile mark. Once saw 550, but did not manage to achieve that, thanks to some twisty bits!! Cheers,
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    amp power cable

    There is a spare grommetted hole through the bulkhead under the pollen filter. If you remove the glovebox, you can see the other side of it, and thread the cable through it from the engine bay. You can then take the cable along the existing cable route under the passenger door sill carpet to...
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    Andy's Sub Question (mild Car porn pics)

    One word - Awesome! It's sooo much better than the factory subs, both standard and bose. Cheers,