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    Boot mech help , please

    I can not beleive i am the only one to encounter this if any one has has it happen please let me know. Thanks
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    Boot mech help , please

    Hi All, I have a A4 Avant 2006, for some time my boot release via remote does not work properly it unlocks but does not stay open ( sort of clicks ). it does the same via the soft touch unless i pull at the same time as opening and then is fine i think its the locking mech but just want to ask...
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    Brake disc and pads for a4 avant

    Hi all I am in need of new brake disc and pads I don't want to spend loads but obvesly do not want to skimp. Does any one have any recommendations , have looked at pagid vented and green stuff pads but mixed reviews . Please help as going in circles.
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    Roof Box

    Thanks for reply I think I am after aesthetics more than practicality and am trying to see which model suits the car best. I have done loads of image searches but they don't usually show the model.
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    Roof Box

    Hi all I am after a roof box for my b7 a4 avant, I have a set of aero bars which sit nice and low. Does any one have any pics or advice as I want it to look good as well as be practical . Thanks
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    rear washer leak

    Hi hope some one can help, have had a leak on my rear washer and think i have found where it is, between rear hear lining and as it goes along the rear boot hing. I need help with undoing the rubber grommet and gaining accesess between the removed head lining strip and the hing. Hope i have...
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    2.0 TDI Mystery... can you solve?

    Have you checked the vacume actuator that does the flaps (long to short air intake) which i believe opperate 1800 rpm. Just a thought.
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    Do you know what wheel this is??

    I am after one of these wheels as mine is twisted and as it must be a genuin one can any one tell me the part no or point me in the direction of where to get one. Audi a4 sline avant Thanks in advance Alex
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    What Tyres do you have?

    Hi all, I have had my B7 A4 Avant sline now for just over a year and in the market very soon for some new rubber. The car is used as a work car 90% of the time, so no need for soft sticky tyres just a good allrounder that last well. Does any one have any good recomondations i have been told to...
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    no front speakers

    Just a update about this problem, its all working wahoo. I took out the amp and put the circuit board in a tray of rice and covered in rice for 24 hours (incase there was moisture ) thus the green corroction on the terminals. I secondly resoldered the points from the main connection...
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    no front speakers

    Fingers crossed do you know how its wired up ie head unit to amp then to all speakers??? and are they fused?
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    no front speakers

    Evening all, Just drove home from work when my front left speaker started cracling and making all sorts of noise as if the terminal was coming loose. This was doing this with the steroe on or off and intermitantly. When i got home on further inspection i found the front left and right speakers...
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    taking off brd manifold

    Does any one have or know of the sequence to take off the desiel manifold from the 170 's. Also how hard is it as all i want to do is fit the little vacume actuator Ie does it need to come off (looks like it does). Once i have done it ill be writting up the problems i have been having and hope...
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    glow plug light then

    The machnic said it was the vacume bottle, is there a way of checking? It was on vcds so surly it would have said??
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    glow plug light then

    Wright after lots of scratching of heads and a very helpfull garagae in highams park i believe i have now found the fault with my car. On the side of the manifold there is a small vacume bottle which opens and closes a flap on each manifold intake to leghnthen and shortening, thus my lack of...