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    Inspection service

    If it was serviced in Feb 21 and you've only done 2000 miles then the garage didn't reset the service lights correctly. I had this too. It's not that complicated but to the button monkeys at the main stealers it's all a bit A level! Take it back to where it went in Feb and ask them to do it...
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    Heated seats 17 reg?

    Hi It depends on the model year not the reg. On all '17 models heated seats was a £300 option. Having said that I don't think there was a Black Edition in the '17 model range. So if it's Black Edition you likely are looking at the '18 model year which was probably available from around May...
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    Leasing advice?

    Sorry I don't browse that often! As for a leasing company, sadly I've found most to be pretty dire. Select car leasing in Reading left me wanting, full of promise but 6 months delay. All car leasing in Coventry told me I'd been turned down for credit, then when I challenged them they admitted...
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    Leasing advice?

    Hi Keef I've leased for longer than I can remember. All private so I pay VAT on the rentals. I do it because it has been the cheapest way to get a new car every 2-3 years. Every renewal I look at cash buy on drive the deal etc, PCP, and lease. I look at residuals/GMFV etc and compare total...
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    Ski hatch/passthrough

    Had it in my 2017 Sport spec Avant and its also there on my 2021 S-Line Avant. I didn't spec it so assume it is standard. Not sure if it's on the saloon tho? Very useful for long stuff and still carrying 4 people.
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    Misfire on New 35TDI?

    Not contacted Audi yet. I was checking to see if it was unusual, which it seems it is. I agree a video will focus Audi otherwise my local place will just send it back to me fault not reproduced. Having said that it's gone 2 days without an issue, fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted and...
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    Misfire on New 35TDI?

    The 1.5 with manual gearbox issue is well known, and more frustrating is that it doesn't affect every car. Not sure if VW have found the cause/cure yet. My mate's Tiguan is awful no matter who drives nor how. I drove it gently, he thrashes it, but it hesitates noticeably. Anyway back on...
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    Misfire on New 35TDI?

    Hi again Thanks DD for the thoughts. My afterthoughts! No not a pothole. It happens whether I drive north, south east or west from home. Just has to be a cold start Not between gears, it is always in D5 steady 40 ish, generally level roads and after 2-4 miles - even with cruise. Now then...
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    Misfire on New 35TDI?

    Thanks. No I'm not sure it's a misfire. Hesitency/splutter usually only lasting a few seconds. Just once per warm up cycle. Changing EGR valve position? Maybe. If so it's slow at doing that. No codes showing but maybe hidden in the depths of the system ready for the next service.
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    I believe it's been about a year now. Some development. Maybe they should hire the Covid Track & Trace coders!
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    Misfire on New 35TDI?

    Hi all and a little help required: Every time I get into the car with a cold engine, after about 3 miles there is a short lived hesitency/misfire at about 40mph in 5th on part throttle. If I press or release the throttle it goes away and and it only happens on a warming engine and so far only...
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    A4 B9 Avant rear seat lock

    My car delivered in February arrived with the passenger side latch disconnected. Easy fix but sounds like a bit of a weak design. Take off the fuse cover and you can get your hand up to the wire. It's a bit like a bike brake cable to lever attachment. It's been fine since day 1.
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    Variable Servicing

    It's a contract voluntarily signed by both parties. Therefore possibly legally binding. Also it's their car not ours. Their train set. Build the expense into your PCH calculations and accept the cost. I still think it's worth it. My only issue is the utter incompetence of my local...
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    Variable Servicing

    If its PCH it HAS to be a franchised dealer. It's written in the contract you signed: Section 9.4.1 "You agree to make sure that the Vehicle is serviced and maintained strictly in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and that scheduled servicing and necessary maintenance is carried out...
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    MY17 B&O = Carplay present?

    Yes. It's not linked to B&O system or VC. I had a 2017 model with no options and it had it. I do believe all B9s in the UK have wired carplay. Later ones wired and wireless.