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    cheap power booster

    just found this actually looks stange but dnt know if it would do anything any1 seen these before?
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    2.6 V6

    Do you know what the difference is between the abc and the acz engine? I am concerend that I have only 139 ps and not 150. Thanks
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    Replacement door problem

    I think it will fit your car as I dont think there was any changes between these years, best way to find out is check against a pic. Can anyone else clarify?
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    Audi 100 URS4 front brake cage thingy

    Do you hve any pics? Quite interested to see what it looks like.:sly:
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    2.8 quattro coupe tuning

    His site isnt working any more do you have any working links to this thanks
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    audi 80 engine swap

    There is also someone from manchester doing the same thing. Wolud be good to find some vids.
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    2.8 to 2.6 v6 manifold swap

    Hi I am also interested in doing this as far as I know because the engine and heads are basically the same eg holes etc sameplace a 2.8 inlet should fit. Anyone done this? Could be a good power gain from this.