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    Traffic sign recognition Coded

    Does anyone know someone who would be able to parameterise my camera in NW London for beer tokens? Also what is the best way to find out which camera I have?
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    What are the Coding/Retrofit mods that need VCP

    Cheers RJ-8V. So if I understand need to flash the camera and use VCP to code? Is there a link to the files needed to code the camera?
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    What are the Coding/Retrofit mods that need VCP

    So if I have the VCP would it be a simple case of just enabling the Traffic Sign Recognition using VCDS?
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    40 TFSI - MPG

    On a decent run I have managed to get just over 47mpg. Still not as good the old dirty diesel, but I suppose I can be happy with 47mpg. The quality of the fuel also makes a difference, when I picked the car up from Audi the filled it up with Morrison’s
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    For Sale 2010 Audi A3 1.6 TDI Sport

    Great example of an Audi A3 1.6 TDI Sport, ex Audi demonstrator, 2 keys, Full Service History from Audi, comes with 12 Months MOT, last service at 130k miles. Several optional extras that have been retro fitted to the car since I have owned it including: · Xenon headlights with LED DRLs...
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    Overheating and coolant not circulating

    Sounds like the heater matrix, I had a similar issue on my 2010 A3 or it could be an airlock. I think I did create a post on it somewhere.
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    A5 Lead Times?

    Interesting, latest update from Audi is the A5 is in a backlog and therefore is yet to be logged into the system and given a order number to track it. You would think Audi would churn out the cars to get their pot of cash...
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    A5 Lead Times?

    Hi guys, are Audi just slow at confirming the order? I have ordered an A5 Sportback Sline Tech pack back in early November, but still waiting for Audi to confirm that build week. My leasing company is chasing Audi, but they say it is not in the system yet and there is a queue...
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    Audi A3 1.6tdi overheating

    Finally got the car back a month later, after replacing the water pump (which was leaking already) it was the heater matrix in the end that was blocked up and causing issues with the engine overheating.
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    Audi A3 1.6tdi overheating

    Hi all, I have an annoying issue with my a3 which is even confusing my Audi mechanic. The car is on 130k and recently had the fly wheel and clutch replaced due to excessive vibration. Once this was done, I noticed that it he heaters where not outputting much heat and then on longer journeys...
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    Recommendations on body shops in NW London

    Hi all, Annoyingly a rock decided to pick a fight with my car on the M1 and won. If anyone could recommend a decent body shop on NW London that would be great as it’s stripped the paint and dented the rear wheel arch. Cheers Aky Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Audi A3 2012 2.0tdi 170 EGR Replacment

    Using one of these engine carbon clean companies could be a good shout. Had mine cleaned and felt a difference immediately, but speaking to the guy he said the it helps clean out the EGR value too. They essentially spray hydrogen into the engine for 30 mins to get rid of the carbon.
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    Cheers dude, is it all plug and play? Aky

    Cheers dude, is it all plug and play? Aky
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    Hi t8ups, It's not the sportback, its the three door version. You previously installed the...

    Hi t8ups, It's not the sportback, its the three door version. You previously installed the footwell and puddle lights a couple of years ago. Cheers Aky