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    Cost and how realistic to have a TDi put into my 1.8T?!

    Stick the V10 in the boot and make it a mid range 4wd beast. now that would be interesting.
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    Looks like JonS3 old motor. Nice motor mate.
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    cam belt gone at 2000rpm

    That was the first thing I changed on my motor. Mine had only done 40k but was coming up to 6 years old so did it as a precaution. Good luck getting it fixed. Can't beleive a garage told you 105k. I bet it hasn't been changed since new. I thought it was 40k/60k miles or 6 years, so a...
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    My new ride

    Well Diesel for a start and RWD. I like getting 40mpg rather than 25mpg in the S3 and spending best part of £60 every week. Car was knocking on, just coming round to 7 yr old and 60k on clock. road tax is going to be over 400 next year on the S3. I'd owned and thrashed it for 18 months and...
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    My new ride

    Haven't posted on here for a while so I thought I'd share photo's of my new motor. Its a 55plate 330cd M Sport with 32,000 miles. Obviously the usual refinements but has the following options on it: Heated black leather Sat Nav with Digital freeview Harmon Kardon hifi. I'm loving the car...
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    Revo or Custom-Code

    Go for a custom map. Star performance in Scotland should be able to help you out. From now on all I'd ever buy is a custom map rather than generic
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    hyperboost diverter valve

    I had one fitted on mine. Never had any problems with it. Supposidly a lot smaller than Forge.
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    MINT Car for sale - please see ad innit!!!

    Love this bit "IF U WAANT 2 STAND ART IN A CRUWD LUK NO FURTHER THEN HERE-THIS IS THE BEST CAR U EVA C" What a tosser Oh wait - I've found something better. He wants £6800 for the heap of *****.
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    Been To Jabba, heres a piccie

    looks good mate - get some spacers on it.
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    how low should i go?

    can't remember but think max is something like 25-30mm Maximum for the FSD's. I'd be tempted to buy H&R springs and leave shocks alone or go for Coilovers. Jason (Voorhees) will confirm whether tie bars are needed with that setup. Cost is circa £300 for tie bars and then setup costs aswell...
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    how low should i go?

    Can't beleive you want to change the setup already Neil. i thought it was pretty good - being my old motor and that. I think if you were to change it i'd go Bilstein coilovers and rear tie bars. whatever you do to lower the car more will cost a few extra quid as it doesn't have rear ties at...
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    Programming S3 Concert Sterio For Phone??

    mine never needed programming. Have you got the wires the right way round in the ISO?
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    rolling road graph

    Why not look at a few of our results from Awesome and you'll notice the difference in Maps
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    Remap Your car for £40 quid

    Its got Rev 4.1. Isn't that the latest relase from Revo? lol
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    My new toy!

    looks good mate. Make sure you keep it well locked up, preferably in fort knox. Quads are notorious for disappearing. Oh and make sure you wear a helmet on the road, I live in Bradford and see loads of people flying around on these just wearing bandanas!!