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    Midnight edition A3

    Could anyone identify what a midnight edition A3 is meant to be? He claims it's a top spec 2.0l A3 and I've never heard of a midnight edition. Unless he is confused with a black edition? But I thought they came with the rotors? Anyone shed some light? Thanks
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    Audi A3 1.6 tdi air leak

    Hey guys, back again after getting rid of my last A3 (big misstake) got myself a little 1.6 tdi run about and it's been plugged in and there is a permanent air leak in the system. Is there anywhere that's common to go? Somewhere that's prone to go wrong or come loose etc etc. Any help would...
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    TDI exhaust

    Yes its another tdi exhaust thread! I was speaking to a guy who has the best sounding tdi exhaust ive ever heard, so i asked him to do the same to mine. But he says the older A3 exhaust is all one part? Does that make Sense to you lot? I have no idea about car exhausts and stuff. Its a 2011...
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    DPF Error

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I have a 2011 2.0 TDI A3 (140) I've been having problems with the DPF since I've owned the car, It continues to have an error then fixes itself then has another error. Took it to the garage (under warranty) and they said they couldn't find...
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    anthracite wheel color

    I found out they would be powder coated rather than sprayed. so not sure if the colour would be the same
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    anthracite wheel color

    Hey guys. Getting my Le man's (I think) refurbed and resprayed and would like to know the anthracite colour that Audi use on there wheels. Thanks
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    Nice little gift from audi

    are the 2011 models effected? I've had the versions remap already
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    Audi A3 DPF warning light

    I've heard people do that, but i hate the sound of the engine on high revs low gear. Poor car
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    Audi A3 DPF warning light

    Not sure it was a Mercedes Garage as Arnold Clark doesn't own a VW or Audi Garage near me
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    Audi A3 DPF warning light

    I drive the way it tells me to drive? change gear when it says and occasionally getting a blast climbing some of the s Yes, I think so. Changing gear when it tells me to only high revs when climbing hills etc
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    Audi A3 DPF warning light

    My Audi A3 2011 SLINE keeps getting the DPF light on the dash, but then it just disappears after a while, notified the garage and they looked but found nothing. Any advice? Warranty runs out in November so will be using a local garage and would like to know where to point them. thanks
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    What unit was that one? looks pretty good man
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    Hello I'm thinking of changing my head unit of my 2011 A3 Sline, it had the Audi concert unit I think fitted. I would love to swap this out for a touch screen unit. Are there any that are plug and play or do I have to be a bit more technical with it?
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    really this exensive?!

    My car got it's MOT yesterday 2011 S Line 58K on the clock and I've been quoted £583.68 for the timing belt to be replaced. Is that right or are Mercedes trying to rip the eyes out me? I know what your thinking, Mercedes? but it's an Audi. Arnold Clark don't own an Audi Garage near me, or a...