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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Interesting you mention brake servo (and also steering column) - what were the symptoms on both? Reason I ask is mines going in to have the servo replaced due to a "clang" when letting go of it though its being done under warranty as opposed to a recall.
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Recalls can be frustrating but equally I think its good we have a manufacturer who is acting on them quickly. I stumbled across and if the figures are anything to go by, Audi are under average vs others. I think...
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    Q3 Google Earth seems to be working again

    Sorry I should have been clear - the SQ5 is a 2018 model but the Q3 we have is the 2015 facelift model which I assume has a similar system to your SQ5 2016?
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    Q3 Google Earth seems to be working again

    Hi all, Bit of an odd one because in the SQ5 I've already had an update to the maps from Google earth to whatever the new Audi partnership is (I forgot what its called) But following a thread on possibly another forum which I cannot for the life of me fine stating Google Earth works, I checked...
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    I picked up mine the other day following the recall which in my case was affected and the parts were fitted. Unfortunately due to another issue, I have not had the paperwork yet for it as they'll give it to me together but looking underside, I can't see anything different. I will find out more...
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    RSQ3 RSQ3 Trade Time

    Wow - I hope you don't regret/let it take the enjoyment of driving away from you. My reply will be mostly negative so feel free to not read any further : - ) I have a SQ5 (3.0 tfsi) but had a 2021 A5 as a loaner a few days ago - also 35 tdi. I did not like being lower down, I did not like the...
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    A7 Calipers Colour

    I had a Black A6 C6 version and went for Red which I think went very well. Changed to a Black A6 C7.5 and the calipers went black which went well with the rotors (found this which is not mine but pretty much the pictures DD has uploaded...
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Just had the "check in" form and saw the recall reference is 51G5 Searching around, I found If you translate, you'll know more about it and also one has put some pictures up...
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    I can't remember clearly as it was a few months back when it initially was mentioned but from what I do remember, they pointed it out to be underneath towards the passenger side. I don't think quite as far as the jacking points but around that area going more towards the front It does impact Q5s...
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    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Hi, Certainly is near the front passenger side on mine mine is also 2018 and was identified earlier on in the year however the recall had just come out and so there was a wait on the fix/parts. The fix is essentially rubbing down the corrosion and a paint is applied - mine is getting done on...
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    New windscreen

    Not had one on the A7 (gone now) but is this 3 year rule new? I've had windscreens fitted by Ag on car older than 3 years before and insisted on genuine ones. Funnily enough a friends Golf which constantly had water in the front footwell area has been diagnosed by a badly fitted non-genuine...
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    Q7 And here she is! Always loved Navarra Blue

    Looks Great! Congrats on the purchase! Interesting about comfort and comparing to SQ5 - I went from a 21" wheel A7 to the 20" SQ5 and while it is more comfortable in terms of seats etc, its just more comfortable in terms of road comfort and with the recent snow/rain, I do wonder how many brain...
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    Q5 Audi dealer service info

    I would just ask your local Audi service/advisor. Never had an issue and they just email it over
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    New tyres time

    I think Asda worked out best for me too when I had an A7 because they were running voucher codes etc. Even less than the likes of Blackcircles/Tyre shopper I had stuck with Conti's after a very bad experience with Dunlops shredding (known issue with the A7 and Dunlops!) and they held out well...
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    Sold Genuine VCDS Hex+Can USB Cable

    ***No longer available / is now sold***