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    Saloon boot light dimming..,

    thanks... Found the culprit. A broken brown wire in the wiring harness... Fixed and everything is back to normal....
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    Saloon boot light dimming..,

    You are spot on... I wiggled the cables and the light comes on and off. But at the end the light doesn't come on at all and the boot won't open. The wire must be broken. It while I wiggled I shirt the circuit. Is there a fuse for the boot latch? Thsnks
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    Saloon boot light dimming..,

    Is the solution replacing the cables? How obi determine where it split?
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    Saloon boot light dimming..,

    hi all, when I opened my boot last evening, the boot light went on but then dimmed down slowly as the boot is raised. And totally shut off when the boot lif is in open position. Is this normal? Thanks
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    Avant rear bench fold

    I assume no Audi does that 30 30 30 snow split? Apart from Q7 maybe?
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    Avant rear bench fold

    hi, I have a saloon but now we have a dog, am thinking about getting an Avant. I have a 4x4 with the rear middle section seat fold down separately from the two side ones, creating a passage to the boot but still allow us to use the side seats. Can Audi Avant do this? Thanks.
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    Droning/howling noise near turbo

    Did it get worse overtime?
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    Droning/howling noise near turbo

    hi, have been having this noise for a few weeks now. It's a 2.0 tdi BRE. Took the air intake plastic away today and the noise is from around the turbo. It's a constant droning/howling noise...a bit like bearing failure noise..This is to my best description. Not that loud that pedestrian will...
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    Bee in my bonnet?

    Hi all, In the last few weeks, I have been experiencing low buzzing/droning like noise near the engine on the driver side. Car is an 2.0tdi BRE. No warning light no lose of power etc. But it's annoying and quite obvious at motorway speed. It sound a bit like bearing failure but it is not as...
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    Any tips on removing serpentine belt

    hi, I know it is by using a 17mm open wrench turning clockwise, but regardless of doing it from top or bottom it keeps slipping, my engine is 2.0tdi, the one with the belt very close to the fan. Thanks
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    BRE AC compressor part number

    hi, my compressor is broken, it Is a Hella 8FK35110881. My car is an A4 2005 TDi BRE. I can't find any Hella one in the UK. There is a lot of Denso ones when I searched but I can't confirm which one is the correct part number. I checked VAGCAT but there is no BRE engine compressor to choose...
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    Water ingress in the boot :( some help please

    Try and check your rear light cluster black plastic that run down the edge of the boot. Mine was broken and let water into the other side of the 'seam'.
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    Compressor parts

    Hi hope everyone had a great Xmas! I am looking for the drive plate/rubber part of my AC compressor that is attached to my compressor pulley, the rubber on mine has deteriorated and the shaft will not turn now. So no AC. See photo. I checked my existing compressor and it is made by Hella/Behr...
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    AC cooling fans 1 or 2

    All, I have a 2.0 TDI BRE 2005. I have some problem with my AC. Can anyone confirm how many cooling fans this car has? Is there one behind those plastic flaps? It's a BRE engine... Thanks
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    Audi A6 - Pressure good but no cold air

    Hiv Sorry to bring bring up this old thread. I have a very similar issue. My pressure is always 4bar regardless whether the aircon is on or off. Is that your case?