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    The S3 is going!

    The suspension is now sold to Willie. I have just advertised my iphone adaptor, rubber mats, boot liner and red BBS centre though if anybodies interested
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    The S3 is going!

    After only 7 weeks I have decided to sell the S3. Nothing wrong with the car but having had a shake up at work and got rid of a couple of people who werent doing me any favours I have decided to spend more time out round sites and the S3 is just not suitable for riding round construction sites...
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    Today's the day!

    No problems, usually the stickers without nurburgring written at the side of them belong to the more serious people
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    Today's the day!

    Staz The car has done around 15 laps of the ring earlier this month, I actually have a season ticket and a proper car for the track though, the S3 is just a daily driver and a means of getting to the ring as the CSL lives in Germany during the summer.
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    Today's the day!

    I just fancied a change from the all black or all silver look to be honest.
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    Today's the day!

    I made the trek down to APS today, 138 miles down the M1 in the record time of 3hrs 15mins! They installed the Bilstein PSS10 kit and the H & R arb's. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with both before and during the day, they dropped straight onto the car and had me on my way home for...
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    Today's the day!

    OK here are a few pictures that I took at the weekend after a couple of coats os Swissvax BofS
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    Paintshield for my S3

    Speak to Tom @ Paintshield in Peterborough, my mate has just done his website for him and it is mind boggling what this guy knows. His gallery shows what he can do but he does most of the press cars for the likes of Ferrari etc.
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    Drop it Drop it low low...

    What wheels are these?
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    The discount / Dealer used

    I got around 10% off my S3, the car was a factory order to my own spec. The dealer was Sheffield Audi and the salesman Russell Dent, worth a call as this was the easiest car I have ever bought.
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    Help Needed... Haldex Performance Controller Gen 4 Upgrade?

    Where did you get the unit installed? Is this the upgraded unit people talk about, if so what is the difference with the upgraded one?
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    Today's the day!

    Not what you are going to want to hear but I ordered it on the 25th January 2010, build week was 10 I think from memory.
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    Today's the day!

    Well this day seems to have taken an age to arrive, I have had to wait 11 wweks for the car to arrive but late last week my new S3 Sportback finally landed at an Audi garage near me as they say. I am really looking forward to the change having had BMW's for the last 8 years and whilst on paper...
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    Dealer Discounts

    I got 10.9% off of mine with relative ease, I rang in the morning arranged a test drive for the afternoon, had the test drive, came back and the salesman asked for my thoughts, I offered to buy one subject them matching the online deal I had seen, he said no chance, I went leave and they buckled...
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    Sharing is caring.

    Do you run spacers or are the just 8j et 44?