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    Remap recommendations around west or South Yorkshire?

    Looking for a remap recommendation for my A6 2.7 TDi. I had my A2 remapped about 8 years ago by a 'mobile' Sheffield company who used to advertise in VW Driver however I cannot find their details and may no longer be around. Have also used CCC about 12 years ago from Chesterfield who I also...
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    Will wheels from 2015 C7 series fit C6 series 2006 car?

    Thanks, will probably go for the wheels on offer given they come with almost unused Michelin tyres. Had pondered 18" wheels however ride comfort is also a factor with me as is tyre cost come replacement time and when I fit winter rubber.
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    Wheel centre bore/Spigot size?

    Can anyone tell me the wheel centre bore measurement? I am looking at fitting some SE spec C7 wheels on my C6 and need to buy the correct spigot adaptors.
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    Will wheels from 2015 C7 series fit C6 series 2006 car?

    Thanks Darren, do you know off hand what the C7 centre bore is? And, am I correct in thinking they are 5x112 PCD -same as C6 wheels?
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    Will wheels from 2015 C7 series fit C6 series 2006 car?

    Basically as the title above. Have a chance of some SE spec 17" wheels from a 2015 car for my 2006 A6. Will the offset be ok and will I need spigot adaptors as I think the centre bores differ?
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    Ok, I have a few small issues to attend to on my car (2.7TDi manual estate, 2006, 137k miles, FASH), namely: 1) Front side light bulb needs replacing, is there a 'how to' available? 2) Whilst doing this what are the latest recommendations for upgrading headlight bulbs? (not interested in HIDS)...
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    Thanks, seems similar to most audi seats, I was just hoping the electrics were pre-wired! Will vagcom be required to reset anything to do with airbag sensors after swapping? After being used to lumber adjustment on the A2 i miss it on the A6!
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    The rearmost part of the seat base on my new to me A6 is lumpy/uncomfortable in a way my similar mileage A2 isn't. The discomfort Suggests the previous owner was perhaps on the heavy side (always assuming I am allowed to call someone heavy in these politically correct days). Can the foam base...
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    2.0 Tdi S line 140 auto or manual?

    Avoid the auto like one would avoid the plague unless it already comes with a receipt for new ECU.
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    Jeremy Clarkson, will he get the sack?

    Ever heard the phrase 'people in glass houses.....' etc?
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    self levelling suspension

    Having picked up my new to me estate last friday I finally managed to have a bit of a play with the various buttons on my way to work this morning (been too ill over the weekend). Lo and behold it has self levelling suspension! This was not mentioned in the advert (then again, neither was the...
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    Two Stroke Oil in Diesel Fuel

    There is a good long section on 2SO as an additive on the A2OC forum with some pretty convincing lab photos. I find 2SO works very well in my A2 but less so in my previous Freelander 2. have yet to try it in the a6 but will shortly do so.
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    Now the bumper has been buffed up it is not too bad, I think I will go for a proprietary protector and that should cover most of the scratched area.
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    My new to me A6 estate has a badly scratched rear bumper which ideally needs a paint job when funds allow and my local paint shop is less busy. In the meantime I am looking to put something on the bumper to cover the worst of the marks and tidy up the appearance. Has anyone any recommendations...
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    2.7TDi SE estate 2006 remapping recommendations

    Thanks for the link and responses, I will look at the guys in Stockport.