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    Mudflaps do fit s-line Models - Proof with fitting pictures.

    Got mudflaps fitted to my11 plate s line A3 Certainly look to be 'factory fitted'
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    clicking' clutch pedal

    Thanks for the reply Smurfworth just had a quick look and the pedal seems intact - the 'click' sounds like switching a light switch on and off and always seems to happen at the same place/position.
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    clicking' clutch pedal

    Hi all Longtime member - comeback to Audi after a 3 year absence, ( had a RS Clio 200 cup) Now the proud owner of an A3 tfsi and well pleased to be back with the 4 rings! Thing is when you depress the clutch pedal it makes a clicking noise near the bottom - on release it makes the same 'click'...
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    Major Problem or Minor One???? Advice needed

    same thing happened to my sons clio - nearside rear alloy was bent on the inside, he inherited the problem having recently bought the car - a new alloy solved the prob Hope new alloys solves yours Sarah
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    Glowplug warning light started flashing while driving

    My A3 2.O TDI 170 (56 PLATE) undergoing the same problem.......the wife pulled out to overtake a lorry when the car dropped into limp mode, in an independant garage at the mo but an ex - Audi mechanic. Awaiting phone call this morning, if he can't fix the prob its a trip to the main dealer -...
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    YU51UF O

    well done on keeping your A3 'unique' :yes: any mods done under the bonnet? also what products do you use to keep such a good finish to paintwork?
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    Rattles - grrr!

    my first A3 - glovebox rattled and creaked present A3 - creaking drivers window passenger seat belt anchor point creaks when fastened!! (anyone else got that one?)
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    Milano or Brillant...?

    Brilliant red for me
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    New A3

    the rear im thinking crossfire?!? seen one-or-two articles about 'the newA3' We'll have to wait and see
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    New A3

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    Brake light out

    same thing happened to me today only telling me the rh side brake light was out - warning went off,pulled over and checked the lights - everything working ok!!:unsure: anyone any ideas?
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    Is this bloke..

    :laugh: Quality :applaus:
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    Is this bloke..

    Out of interest - anything happen to the bloke who was filming him? (hope that makes sense!!)
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    Is this bloke..

    ****** lucky!!!:scared2:
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    Word Association Game .. . . .