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Jun 17, 2017
Jul 3, 2007
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Registered User, from London

Gt May 10, 2016

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Jun 17, 2017
    1. Kevmac20
      Hello, just joined saw your emails, can you advise where I can get the standard nozzles for a 2.5 tdi 180 hp 2004 allroad DSLA142P925, thanks for the help
      1. adamss24
        Hi, do you need new or used nozzles will do ? I have a couple of sets of injectors... Regards,
        Nov 12, 2014
    2. Frank73
      hi Adams, I've my A4 2.0 tdi need cambelt,w.pomp and service. if you are interested, can you send me your work nmr.? many thanks, Frank
      1. adamss24
        Hi Frank, just seen your message, if you still need your cambelt doing then give me a ring on 07789912128 please and we will take it from there... Regards,
        Nov 12, 2014
    3. Bill Hutchison
      Bill Hutchison
      Hi there Adam, I recently had a reconditioned diesel injection pump fitted to my '05 Allroad. Ever since then the engine has been quite a bit noisier than before, especially when under load. Is this often the case with reconditioned pumps ? Cheers, Bill
      1. adamss24
        You might want to check and adjust the pump timing as it could be out...
        Oct 19, 2014
    4. Arrkon
      Inbox is full again mate, cant message.
    5. jacksims91
      Hi Chris,

      Your inbox is full :(

      Just a quick reminder about the pictures if you get a spare 5 mins. Not to worry if not.

      Hope it all went well today!! :racer: :busted_cop:


    6. ruffrida
    7. TheLordJohn
      Send us a text mate - 07920787447.
    8. TheLordJohn
      Yes mate - that is absolutely fine. If you come up with the speakers and steering wheel we can get that sorted. I can give you the keys that I've boxed up for you, too.
      When are you thinking of driving up? I am free all this week (week days).

      Cheers mate.
    9. TheLordJohn
      Hello mate.

      Apologies for the delay - I've been rather busy these last couple of weeks and when I did get chance to get online, ASN was down and wouldn't send the message I had written for you.
      I've found the keys and packaged them up.
      I'll send them ASAP.
      Did you get chance to find a steering wheel that would fit mine yet?

      Thanks, Stuart.

      PS - your in inbox is full, again! Lol.
    10. myth
      Salut Am vrut sa-ti trimit un PM dar imi zicea ca ai ajuns la limita maxima de mesaje. Poti sa-mi dai un PM cu un mail sa te intreb una alta despre UK? As vrea sa ma mut din Romania si mi-ar prinde bine niste sfaturi.
    11. TheLordJohn
      Hello mate.

      Seats are yours when you want them.
      After doing a little research on them, i'd like to ask for 350 for them.
      They are in excellent condition like.

      Thanks, Stuart.
    12. TheLordJohn
      Hi mate.

      I have got someone just emailed me 10 minutes ago with regards to buying the car as-is.
      If I get nowhere with that by this afternoon, you could send me 100 quid as a deposit the seats are yours.
      (feel like this is a bargain for you!) lol.
      I'll be back in touch in a few hours - but I dare say I'm going to end up breaking the car, or removing the more valuable bits and selling as a lower spec.

      Thanks again, Stuart.

      PS - your inbox keeps coming up as full.
    13. jbcalvin
      Oh and is the rear bumper a twin cut our s-line version like in the pics? If so definitely interested in that as well….
    14. jbcalvin
      Hi Chris,

      I am in the process of discussing with Quattrojames regarding his one, just waiting on him confirming that his door cards are all electric and for some photo's, same price as yours. Can I get back to you or has it already gone?

      Other items I am looking for would be rear boot side trims, boot floor and D-pillar trims, card holder from the front dash if unmarked and depending on colour/condition both front wings and front bonnet. My car is silver, think it is L7Y colour code…..

      If you can get back to me that would be great...

    15. drfeelgood
      Hi Adam, Where abouts are you based/live? Im starting to give your car some greater consideration considering the amount of work you have put into it.
    16. boomtown
      Hello mate, ive just replaced the brake light switch on my a4 3.0 quattro, now the abs and esp lights are on with fault code 01435
      Any ideas
    17. jay_tqs
      do you have an abs module for an a4 1.8 tqs
    18. cheech
      Hi Chris
      i will try and ring you tomorrow mate
    19. cheech
      Hi would you have a number I could call u on to discuss this further ? Nice one
    20. adamss24
      Hi Dean,TD hybrid is good but expensive and could do with a better turbine wheel as it's susceptible to boost creep hence they clip the turbine blades to stop it from surging. I have one of their hybrids but with a gt22 turbine from a merc cdi 3.2, much much better power delivery and no stupid high EGT either. Getting 250-300Bhp out of your BDG engine will prove hard, the injector pump has extra fuel limiters built in so no matter how big the nozzles are the engine wont do more than 250Bhp !
    21. cheech
      Hi Adamss24
      after reading around a few forums you seem like the man to spk to about tuning my v6 tdi
      my turbos gone so require one
      lts remapped to approx 220
      how easy is it to get 250-300 bhp from my 2003 BDH lump
      what else is required to get these quoted figures on bhp ?

      Any help much appreciated

      i was looking at turbo dynamics site earlier but I just found a post from u saying they not much goOd

      do you have a number I can call u on to talk about options

    22. Karaboichev

      Is the offer for the ABT Sportsline twin exahaust still available?
    23. adolfonc
      Good morning from Spain

      It is very difficult, but I wonder if you still have for sale the following product advertised forum audi-sport.net

      ABT Sportsline dual exhaust to fit Audi A6 1.8T quattro, 2.5 Tdi,

      I have an Audi A6 Allroad 2001 year and am looking for this product but it is very difficult to find.

    24. Yappy
      Hi Chris

      Quick question well a few actually
      Have you ever done a conversion on a b6 2.5 tdi from auto to manual it's a quattro 180
      And would you happen to have a box for sale and all components needed to do conversion

      Cheers fella
      Gimme a txt if you have
      Dan 07787 524648 andI'll call you back
      Cheers in advance mate
    25. Sandra
      Adam, please check if your inbox is full. Thanks.
    26. Chappers27
      Hi Adamss25

      I live in Enfield North London and I drive an Audi A4 2.5 litre V6. Just been quoted a lot for cambelt change. Would you be able to quote a price for me to do this. I think the clutch is on the way out too.


    27. jonson11
      hello, new on here, but from what i have read your the man to speak to about 2.5 v6. just bought one and need the cambelt doing, i live in barnet/potters bar. could you give me a quote to possibly do this for me.

    28. HerefordQuattro
    29. HerefordQuattro
      Hi Chris did you say back last year that you had a spare needle lift inj for my ake? Cheers Jake
    30. GCamjose
      Adamss24 Hello and good day to ask if she wanted me with my problem with an Audi A6 2.5 V6 TDI 150hp 12/2001 Alroud TipTronic AKN engine could help!
      My problem is I have the nozzles Bosio Race 683, unfortunately it is installed so that the engine idle extremely bad runs and he smokes heavily blue-weissem.Würde me happy because who they had a solution for me!
      Thank you in advance and have a nice day!
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    -Golf mk 5/audi a3 1.6 FSI fuel pump, brand new genuine part boxed + seals
    -audi a3 (1998 to 2003) genuine clutch slave cylinder to fit 1.6 engines BRAND NEW
    -Rear bush press tool to fit new rear axle bushes on Golf Mk3/4, Audi a3/S3, Seat Leon/Toledo, Skoda Octavia mk 1/2 used once
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