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    For Sale OEM Audi RS7 20"wheels and tyres (split 5 spoke deep offset)

    Not sure if forum rules allow this so apologies if not but see ebay sale. wheels are lightly marked except one which needs a refurb - may do this myself. Tyres are excellent all round. Other option is I refit these and sell the 19" rotors with winter...
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    For Sale Iabed aftermarket enlarged throttle body and loom adapter for B8.5 S5

    see here: includes 75mm throttle body. £400 plus postage or collection from watford area.
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    For Sale RS5 B8.5 front grille - silver

    Forgot to say, this is an OEM grille, not an after market.
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    For Sale RS5 B8.5 front grille - silver

    No cracks, comes complete with the brackets to support pdc sensors. £250 plus postage or collection from watford area.
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    For Sale Nearly new mechatronics (done 200 miles) module for B8/B8.5 7 speed

    Bought this brand new from TPS to resolve an issue with my car. Turned out to not be the solution. Ended up replacing the gearbox and rather than chucking the old one complete with this module, I ditched the gearbox only and kept the mechatronics. If anyone needs one that doesn't need a refurb...
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    For Sale FIS- Control module for MMI for B8/B8.5

    Probably best to google it if not familiar. Produces customisable digital gauges for your mmi screen, including boost, oil temp etc. Removed from my car only because I'm selling up- company car coming. £200
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    For Sale 4x Continental Wintercontact TS380P 245/35/19

    Bought these for a mk3 TTS but never fitted them and now the car has sold. They all have 8mm tread everywhere although I didn't buy them new. They were demonstration vehcile tyres from germany and have covered under 500 miles but the car legally canot be sold with them outside winter months...
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    034 x-brace review

    Really wanted one these but the price is madness. I know you could say the rhd market is smaller but these are cnc’d from billet like the lhd ones. It’s just a question of running a different programme. I don’t believe the r and d costs are so high that it justifies over double the price of the...
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    Another alloy wheel thread (Sense check required)

    If there's a price difference, I wouldn't bother. Especially when 255 is considered optimum.
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    Another alloy wheel thread (Sense check required)

    Seems ok. ET28 vs ET33 means immediately, your wheel face is 8mm further out than stock. Then wheel is 9.5J versus 9J so 12.7mm wider, half on inside half on outside, so that's another 6.35mm further out, meaning total of 14.35mm further out, so yes, no spacers needed front, maybe 5mm rear...
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    satnav question

    It’s to do with paying for the license. Think you may need to convert to mmi 3G to get 7 digit.