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    Dark side tuning box comparison.

    Not exactly independent when a remapper takes a swipe at tuning boxes, nothing different to what I’ve seen and heard for the last 15 years... Darkside have been knocking boxes for at least the last 4.5/5 years via their written blog. But hey it’s a video on YouTube so it’s got to be right and...
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    Next Gen 2021 Audi A3 Sedan Debut

    Can’t wait to see the RS3 saloon Quick question, does anyone happen to know the model designation for the new A3 sport back and saloon ?
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    A4 Avant ECU Files

    the 2.0 Tfsi 252ps tune very well, and installation is straight forward too. At present you’re looking at £413.92 inc vat and Uk delivery for the box with app control
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    Any news about cracking (tuning) ECUs for S4 B9

    I don’t have any issues with you :) next time you email I’ll try and add some glitter and sparkles and fluffy bits to my reply
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    Any news about cracking (tuning) ECUs for S4 B9

    Chris I need to send that update across to you
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    Any news about cracking (tuning) ECUs for S4 B9

    Hi, I think my reply is polite and to the point, moreso as we don’t offer Remaps. That’s the kind of person I am, straight and to the point :)
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    B9 S4 354PS - 0-60 in 3.85 seconds..

    For a limited time you can save £100 off the MPT with app control when the discount code MPT100 is used online .. also available for S5 too...
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    A3 40 TDI quattro S Tronic DTUK tuning box

    As for TB1 I can’t say I’ve ever actually seen any real proof anywhere, just lots of “claims” and “my mate”.. TB1 is “suspected use, so in reality there’s no concrete proof ..
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    A3 40 TDI quattro S Tronic DTUK tuning box

    If anyone with a 2.0 184ps is looking to tune their car then this is worth reading. It also contains a rolling road graphs supplied to us by a REVO dealer who had a good GTD running our crd3+ on their dyno.. no doubt some on here will still say the results are fudged ...
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    1.5 TFSI Tuning

    If this is a box you’ve bought direct from us then give us a call and we can check which file set is on there
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    DTUK Tuned Audi B9 RS4 Avant - 0-60 in 3.3 seconds (for now..)

    going off the RS3 managing 2.9 id like to think that the rs4 should be down nearer to 3.0 especially without the baggage and heat :)
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    DTUK Tuned Audi B9 RS4 Avant - 0-60 in 3.3 seconds (for now..)

    We've just taken delivery of a new Audi RS4 Avant, as it now has a few miles under its belt we thought wed add a DTUK box and see what all the fuss is/was about.. In standard form the car is simply epic, better than any other Audi one owned (in my humble opinion) it has so much grip and so much...
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    2017 A3 2.0 TFSI Quattro - remap options?

    The 2.0 tfsi 190ps is found in various Audi VW Seat etc and is based on the ea288 and responds very well for tuning. As for Audi seeing changed data, I’m yet to find or see any evidence to back this up. I can however look at our database of customers whom have tuned their Audi’s with us and...
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    DTUK TCU+ gearbox flash review

    I can’t see any evidence to suggest anything can be seen by the dealer, so my thoughts are as always.. Without proof it’s all hearsay :) and something with a keyboard and too much time on their hands
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    40 TDI - DTUK Engine Remap Kit

    There is a 10% discount code on our website on thebox with app control. Most SENT tuning boxes offered by our competitors are £550+, ours is £459.97 before the discount is applied