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    Hi guys, please help, I've got an A3 2l tdi sportback s-line, 2008.

    Mine was a combination of the fans and temp sensor near air inlet.
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    Stop/ start frequency

    Not for me I’m afraid. Kicked in last night after driving 300m from the house. Car hadn’t been driven all day.
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    P303 code help

    anyone else used the new petrol? There are only a few audis not compatible but I’m still wary.
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    Can this be repaired?

    Nah, Avis are faster
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    Stop/ start frequency

    I run a/c on eco all the time, but have experienced the same with braking. I’m quite light on the brakes so that makes sense.
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    Stop/ start frequency

    How often do you experience your stop/ start activating? On my 40tdi it hardly ever seems to activate, and if it does it’s really random. On some journeys it will, others it won’t. If stopping at lights I’ve tried applying the handbrake, putting it in P, both but nothing. Drive most of the time...
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    Drive system: fault. Please contact workshop - Auto gearbox, driven only 2400 miles

    No, but I’ve just had two faults connected to the headlights. High beam assist and adaptive control. Disappeared on restarting.
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    S line suspension height help!!

    Looks normal to me. edit. Enlarged the pic. No it doesn’t.
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    Or is it tap the icon, bottom middle of the screen with the 4x small boxes in it. Without being in the car I can’t remember as I don’t use the function, just know it exists
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    45 TFSI Engine info needed please

    So if I read this right are you trying to claim on your insurance for an engine you had remapped and to back up your claim asking Audi to confirm that the remap wouldn’t have caused the issue? just my 2p but what I suspect happened is you slightly bent a rod, but the engine didn’t fully hydro...
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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Oil can get past the seals into the outlet side and burn. Or into the inlet and sucked into the combustion chamber
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    09 A3 2.0tdi oil level warning (red)

    Just throwing this in there, but would you get this warning if the engine was over full, and the pressure went too high?
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    Coolant leak

    That’s a bit like saying losing petrol, might be the combustion chamber.
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    Audi a3 3.2 v6 quattro 04 plate cutting out !! my garage have changed , cam shaft sensors, MAF sensor, Crank shaft sensor and still happening Help !!!

    I had this issue with mine. Would come to a stop and the car would die. Would then be a pita to start, would have to apply throttle and hold it for it to start, then bang it in gear to get going. Then it would be fine for the next few months. It was intermittent, would just come out on nowhere...