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Apr 9, 2018
Nov 14, 2007
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kingston sw london
industrial sparky

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Registered User, from kingston sw london

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Apr 9, 2018
    1. liquids3
      Ok mate that's great,be good to catch up,did'nt do one show last year.apart from few freinds jap drift events.be good to get back out.
    2. liquids3
      You've got a clubstand at springfest?,i might be on the show and shine,but would love to get envolved with the cov crew,i have just been looking at your other event,looks good mate,going to have a think about that one,wana come along really : )
    3. liquids3
      Lol oh was it,yea think kev was saleing his,take it he has'nt.to be fair even though a while back i was ****** of with the kev situation,his actualy looks alot better this year.yep i will be going springfest,hopefully have my wheels done with power by then.be good to carch up mate,been a while.
    4. liquids3
      Yep went to santa pod,was a wash out to be fair mate.the event looks good mate.il have a think bud,you ok?
    5. liquids3
      Thats ok,the meet was'nt brilliant,few from asn,then the corsas turnt up,ha.edition 38 meet on the 5th should be big though.
    6. liquids3
      Altight buddy,im having a big meet tonite in bristol 11,7,12 at 7.30 avonmeads,be good if you and cov coul make it,try pop along,my number is 07947447384
    7. Paradox1
      Whats good bro, Hope all is well,

      can you send me some pictures of your boot build? I've took the rear seats out but im looking for some inspiration!


    8. flying oyster
    9. liquids3
      Yo,alright mate,thanks for the comments!,um have'nt got a facebook atmo but will have alook at the page,fair play!,and i will be up for the drag day,i meen drag strip (that could look weird),lol,i will see what mates are up for it,but is hard if they let me down,so just put my name down if pos!
    10. S3Rich
      mate did you get my reply ?dont think it working
    11. Andy123
      Hi Aaron- sorry just seen your message. Is the centre console not the same on a pre facelift? I used a 8P adapter for mine and cut and blended it to shape as there wasn't one for the 8L. I would have thought that the centre console would have been the same on the pre facelift s3? Cheers Andy
    12. Ash B
      Ash B
      Yes fella, aww had a bit of an issue last week but that sorted.
      Most of it should be done by Feb :) and ready for UD in March.
      What day fella? Will have to see if i can get the day off or not
    13. miss_lucy
      Hi Aaron! Thanks
      Yeah i am loving my S3! I used to drive my bfs Golf GTI about and loved that
      Thats why i bought this because i think it looks better & Faster :)
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    kingston sw london
    industrial sparky
    my names aaron i live in kingston and im potty bout cars

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