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    Voice Activation disabled in Cabriolet

    Dealers can do it without vcds select self diag via odis then coding 5f using odis search option input voice activation then use the sub menu enable voice activation thats all you need to do then reset mmi and it will work. Its byte 24 if your interested VCDS is so poor these days all in german...
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    Audi A1 Door control module scans

    just enable via each door controller and thats it no mmi/rmc function its a basic system input via switch output via door control all mvb's in door control units no other very very basic is the a1 as temp increases the resistance decrease and the control unit has pre mapped values to work...
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    Heated wing mirrors

    dead easy to do for a1 door control units do not need changing just the door switch and you can do the low cost option and run the the loom in each door and add the heated mirrors then encode both door control units or retro fit the heated mirror units complete as they come with the loom so...
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    Running Issues at Cold

    great news if there is no mechanical wear
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    Running Issues at Cold

    No more info needed till the injectors are swapped as this seems to isolate the fault
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    Running Issues at Cold

    You don't need to remove the rocker cover for the tandem pump but its no bother for him to do it and as long as the old rubber gasket is ok he can re use it My rates are higher than indi workshops
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    Running Issues at Cold

    Ok swap injector number 2 for number 4 and run the mvb 13 test again (now see if number 4 follows the same readings and if number 2 improves) Whilst your workshop is swapping it get them to check the cam lobes and injector adjustment Id say your tandem pump is fine you have a fault on...
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    Running Issues at Cold

    Ok here is mine from cold see mvb 13 injectors are spot on and remember my car is spot on Pd cold start - YouTube
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    Running Issues at Cold

    ****** hell its like a tractor I see the service is due so pop the rocker cover off and have a look (use long life oil but every 10,000 miles) Also collect the old oil and check for swarf 1900 rpm could be due to worn cams, egr flow or tandem pressure/injector seals leaking Check the mvb 13...
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    Retrofitting Cruise Control advice.

    you have to run the lock hard wire in every one i have done so far
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    Running Issues at Cold

    I think you need to upload a video so it can be seen
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    Running Issues at Cold

    01 is fuel quantity and 03 egr duty cycle feed to the egr solenoid so you increase the fuel slightly and reduce the egr flow so less dirty air enters the combustion chamber you may notice a slightly smoother acceleration as well
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    Running Issues at Cold

    mvb 13 info Read MVB 013 idle speed rest control. The values are between -3.01 mg/H ...+3.01 mg/H. If the maximum values are almost reached in both directions (positive or negative), poor combustion can be assumed. This may be caused by the engine mechanics (compression) as well as the fuel...
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    Help :( - Brake Problem?

    The repair is from elsa win hst2 is the off line version for technical bulletin's