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    Difference between Audi A4 2.0 tdi 150bhp and 2.0 tdi 190bhp - ECU Remap Stage 1

    Eventually got round to it and got a custom ecu stage 1 remap put on the car with some dyno time. Remap been on for a good few months now, since May. After selling the tuning box and putting that towards the remap it only cost me £204. Overall very pleased with the results and got some...
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    My Well Groomed A4

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    Extreme Parking

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    My Well Groomed A4

    Been a bit dormant on the detailing front, been in some sort of detailing hibernation. Because still not got around to polishing the car this year! It's the longest I have left the car without a good decent polish. Looking at current state the finish is not looking too bad and seem to be...
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    Jassy's Blue Audi TTS Adventure

    TTS looking mega, it's great to see audi are still making some decent new, nice looking models. That new cape wing looks ready to fly! Most like the choice of rims, perfect, love the solid 5 spokes, not just how they look but how easy they are to keep them clean. The cool blue tones/touches...
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    My Well Groomed A4

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    My Well Groomed A4

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    Jassy's Blue Audi TTS Adventure

    Looks Amazing!! ENJOY! Can't wait to see it detailed to your high standards!
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    My Well Groomed A4

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    My Well Groomed A4

    Again a bit of topic, due to the current year most of us have had. The tyres have lasted alot longer than usual. What are your opinions on swapping the rears to the fronts? Rears have 5.5m tread left and the fronts both 3.5m tread on them. I tend to buy all 4 new tyres at the same time...
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    The inevitable

    One enthusiastic Scottish detailer, springs to mind near you. No prizes for guessing. Give it a go yourself, then you got tools/skills for life (well sort of) Anyway you going to get loads of advice of here.
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    Nev’s Carbon Black MY19 G01 BMW X3 M40i

    Was wondering why you gone 'dark' all of a sudden @NevMan Someone has taken over a well looked after X3! I bet you got loads of time on your hands now your not cleaning the beast. Sure you will have a 'new model' devote your detailing time too.
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    My Well Groomed A4

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    Water pump change with new timing belt ??

    Were know to be tight in 'Yorkshire' More savvy in my case, lol
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    Help Please Audi car alarm siren keeps going off randomly

    Bump.. Bit of a update. 3rd time lucky maybe with a alarm siren? Could not resist it when l saw a 2017 Audi A6 breaking, surely this alarm siren from that aged car should work. Bought for a decent price, so not a big hit on the wallet. Fitted it 4 months ago but this time no sound, no beeps...