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    John Terry's sister filmed on a tram...

    I'll never understand people like that, America being one of the leading countries of the world, built on what? Immigration. They invited people just like the British. Bottom line, different people bring different skills to the table. At the moment it doesn't look good, but don't look at the...
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    My S3 :(

    Cheers buddy. When I first got it I wasn't too sure on the wheels either. Kind of grew on me after time. I rarely get to drive the car because of where I work. So rather than me paying to keep it the garage thought it was time to sell up.
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    My S3 :(

    Well I never really got time to post pictures up, but I'll be parting with my S3 soon. I honestly can't criticise the car. I came from a 1.4TFSI A3 and I've loved every minute of it. The power, handling and even the mpg wasn't as bad as people make it out to be! As it's being sold I managed to...
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    Expensive Night Out !!!

    Where abouts in Leeds did it happen? Good luck with the repairs buddy, hope it gets sorted.
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    Audi S3 major service, prices?

    I want to keep it full Audi because I'll be selling it soon. Always looks better even though the specialists give more attention to the car!
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    Audi S3 major service, prices?

    Got the service coming up soon. Best price I've got is £509. This will include brake fluid and haldex oil change. Is this a reasonable price or is there something better out there? Also they said I will need the spark plugs changing, in the service book it says this should be done at 57,000...
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    Fantasy Footy 2011-12

    I've just joined as well, hope you don't mind!
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    Approved used, service question?

    I bought my S3 about a month ago, when I bought it I didn't notice that the major service was due within 3000 miles. I've done about 1500 miles and now the service is a 1000 miles away. Should the dealers have done the service? Does anyone know what the policy is on this? Thanks
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    11 year old kid ripping up a Audi R8 Supercar just for fun

    Nothing wrong with it! Dad's got money so son can enjoy it! I'm sure we wouldn't be complaining given the chance at that age :)
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    girding/scraping when pulling away

    I had the same kind of problem on 1 of my previous A3's. Very intermittent, I left it for a couple of months and the problem went away. But I reckon it was something to do with the exhaust. Check the clamps, etc...
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    4 Wheel Alignment - S3

    Hi, does anybody know the best place to get a full 4 wheel alignment in West Yorkshire? The steering feels a bit indirect and it's slightly off to the right. Is it worth getting the geometry checked as well?
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    RNS-E coding

    Well on the Audi website it says the Iphone will sync just like the Blackberry 9700. The 9780 is more recent and isn't mentioned on their website.
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    RNS-E coding

    Also, the Blackberry 9780 won't sync. My brothers Iphone did though.
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    RNS-E coding

    Hi many thanks for all the replies. The car is all sorted now and the Bose sound system sounds like it should:cool:
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    RNS-E coding

    I'll have a look on there as well thanks. It's got a multi-function steering wheel, Bose sound system, Bluetooth, aux and iPod connection (cd changer).