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    What would you do?

    Yeah I know, too many options at the moment, but I would prefer somthing compcat (a lot of london driving) and 4 wheel drive.
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    What would you do?

    I need some help guys. Need to put my mind to rest and it would be great to hear what others think. You S3 boys are getting my wet with all this talk of power. So what would you guys do. Get rid of my 3.2 and get a S3 with 360bhp very easily. But this would cost me at least £5k to...
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    Suzuka grey S3 Build thread

    Out of interest why did you tick all the option box's if you wanted to save weight? :)
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    The A3/S3 LED Bulb "how to" Guide!

    Interesting post! So are you saying that we cant just get a replacment LED bulb such as this one and wack it in cos the ECU will reject it?
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    Removing rear wiper motor/arm etc

    Whats the smart function, I have never noticed.
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    New wheels on - Beware it's a BMW!

    They released a small pre-sale batch.
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    New wheels on - Beware it's a BMW!

    Um I never really looked into the price but I have a feeling we may be talking 5 figures, my the budget was £5k got a feeling I may have underestimated its value...
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    New wheels on - Beware it's a BMW!

    Yeah have beeen toying with getting myself a watch for a year or so now, I was going to get myself a Tag Monaco v4 Belt driven editon one, but when I got around to trying to get one it had already sold out. Probally will just get a normal Monaco with a rubber stap soon unless anyone knows...
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    New wheels on - Beware it's a BMW!

    Oh a seriously note my other half wants me to get her a black Z4 coupe to replace her MG TF 160. My instant replay was "Yeah they are nice, but there is NO CHANCE" :) Not cos I am a *******, its just I cant justify paying close to £1k on two cars per month when I could spend that on one...
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    New wheels on - Beware it's a BMW!

    I think the house in the pic is his parents place, I bet he lives in in a anix on the side with his other half. hehehe only joking :)
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    Black deposits on exhaust (update)

    I get loads of this crap on mine, I thought it was just pollution from the engine...
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    PAINT WARNING!!!!!!!

    Brilliant black all the way. :)
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    S3 to get 7 speed S-Tronic

    I second that. I'm stuck in Third at the moment, since I got it chipped.
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    Superchips remap booked for 3.2

    What more do you want? :)
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    S3 to get 7 speed S-Tronic

    The A3 def needs a 7th gear or even better a longer 6th, I always find myself wanting to change up to a higher gear on the motorway when I am already in 6th.