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    Why is S3 List price £5k less than TTS?

    The TTS is a far better drivers car than the S3
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    1.8TFSI Remap?

    Thats good to hear mate. Thanks for the reply. Do shark do remaps or chips? Okay thanks mate, it seems like you're happy with yours! Yeah, I dont expect a rise in MPG really, but has it dropped? How long has yours been remapped for? and how many miles is your car on? Is the clutch slipping a...
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    1.8TFSI Remap?

    Thanks for the reply mate. Whats it like performance wise now? Does it feel different on the road? Hows the MPG changed? Have you had any issues? Dan
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    1.8TFSI Remap?

    Hi guys, Im an ex-A3 owner. I used to have an A3 1.6, and sold it to buy my new baby. It's a TT S Line Roadster 1.8TFSI, and from what I remember, there used to be a fair few 1.8 owners on here. I am pleased with the power in stock form, but from looking around on Revo's site and on...
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    1.8TFSI 170 Engine? What's it like?

    My dads just ordered an A4 Black Edition 1.8TFSI 170, he hasnt driven one though, apparantly its quite a hard engine to get hold of! What's it like to drive? Anybody got one?
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    I am about to order my new car, and was going to pay cash for it. I have spoken to the salesman, and he told me that they are offering a £1000 centre contribution, if I was to buy the car on finance? I have the money to buy the car outright, so he said that it may be worth my while if I take...
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    What gets your OCD going?

    Most of the above, but NOBODY is allowed to move the drivers seat. Or the armrest...
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    On average, what are the running costs on an audi a3

    Right okay, yeah you will be fine with it then! Its nice to drive, solid, reliable, and is fairly cheap to insure. So, the extra it may cost you in fuel, you will save on insurance, and it doesnt sound like a diesel. It's nippy enough, gets upto speed okay, so should be fine for you! My average...
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    On average, what are the running costs on an audi a3

    The 1.6 is bad on economy as far as Im concerned. If I drive over 30 miles, I may get 37mpg (of which, I think the computer in an A3 over-reads by 10% or so...). If I get stuck in traffic, it really drops. Round town, without hammering it, I will get 32mpg ish. Im guessing that you're not...
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    1.8TFSI / 2.0 TDI 170 MPG?

    Ive never been interested in MPG, but now the feel like Im living at the petrol station (bit of an exaggeration, but the 1.6 drinks fuel!). Nothing certain yet, but Im having a casual look on the internet at 1.8TFSI's and the 2.0TDI 170 for next year. Im hoping that they will feel drastically...
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    Alright lads!

    Nice car mate. Same age as me! You might also want to buy a chrome tip for your twin exhausts! :thumbsup:
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    too good to be true ?

    I may be wrong, but I dont think they did a 2008 Black Edition, I thought it was released in 2009. Also, they certainly didnt do a 1.9TDi Black Edition.. also, why would you want the 1.9.. when you're coming from the 2.0 TDi 140? :)
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    Car in for service - Courtesy Car?

    Okay thanks for the replies fellas. Erm, phoned up today, booked it in, and I think Im getting an A1 courtesy car. But Ive had to cover it on my own insurance because im under 21. So I phoned my insurance company, and they said they will cover me on it for the day and that was the end of the...
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    Car in for service - Courtesy Car?

    Okay, well my car's going in for it's service next week. I could do with a courtesy car. But Im not sure how it works! It went in for some gearbox warranty work early this year, and they offered me a courtesy car, but they said that they would have to make a few phone calls to sort the insurance...
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    Thinking of selling the 8P S3 and buying another 8L S3

    In future please type a reply that's at least going to amuse me before I leave, like your others have where you have tripped yourself up endlessly. Bye Finance Man!:arco: xx