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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Sold Audi A3 quattro, 3 door Hatch, 2005, Manual, 2.0 litre TDI.

    Now sold, Thanks to all who looked :)
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    Sold Audi A3 quattro, 3 door Hatch, 2005, Manual, 2.0 litre TDI.

    I knew there would be loads I had forgotten, Bose sound, Auto lights and wipers, auto dimming mirror, all came to mind after the above post and there's probably more.
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    Sold Audi A3 quattro, 3 door Hatch, 2005, Manual, 2.0 litre TDI.

    Audi A3 quattro S-Line 3 door in Avus silver metallic. 2005 model, I have owned since 2012 and it has wanted for nothing and been my pride and joy. It's a 2.0 16v TDI with 140 bhp and a 6 speed manual gearbox. I bought it with half leather seats and had them fully re-trimmed in back leather with...
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    Crop Circles.

    So four ring circles you guys know about but not circles in fields, fair enough I suppose, was along shot :)
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    Location of car jack?

    Best to keep the slime kit in the boot then for the next owner and buy a string kit...…….funnily enough I have came to this conclusion already before I read the above, spooky :)
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    Audi a4 b7 3.0tdi glowplug issue

    Glow plug light flashing usually indicates another fault, i.e. nothing to do with Glow plugs. You must have had a Glow plug down anyway, so that out of the way you now need to find out what is causing the light to flash. Not something I have had before but I am sure there will be posts on here...
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    Crop Circles.

    I never said it was Aliens but if it was, what does it mean. It doesn't look like a bunch of random scratchings it looks like there is a meaning, so equally if it was fakers, what does it mean?
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    I saw an Audi, A3 I think on one of the news programmes with the water right up to the top of the grill and still going. I know my intake it at the top right of the grill so at that height I think he was likely getting water in the intake and relying on the airbox drain holes and snow screen to...
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    Brake Discs & Pads - recommendations please

    I would be interested in people's views in back-plates, sorry, don't mean to hyjack but it is relevent if you are rebuilding your brakes. I have always gone down the if it's meant to have it you should fit it route but I have been doubting that recently. Discs always seem to corrode more on the...
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    Crop Circles.

    Maybe I need one of those?
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    Crop Circles.

    OK I know I seem to be going for a prize for the most random post in a car forum. Also if you don't think I am mad already, I know you likely will soon. This picture was taken by a guy local to me from a drone. I've never seen these before and would be interested to know if it is fake and what...
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    How do you know a garage has carried out work

    Ah, you remind me of another story (shorter you will be glad to hear). Same garage, Parts Dept used to have a window through to the workshop. I was waiting for my parts to come through and watching the guys working on the cars. this mechanic suddenly took offence to someone's engine undertray...