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  • hey colinra,

    I am needing some coding help with my RNSE - I am trying to enable the reverse cam in my RNSE and i have it all wired up ready to go.

    Just needs a code.

    Are you able to help out for a few beer tokens?

    hey, just found you on the vag map, haha sounds like a dating site, but anyway i could do with some help, ive been having some issues and everyone says best thing is to get hooked up to vagcom, i have a a3 1.8t sport 8L 03 plate and im based in livingston west lothian, its looking like you are the closest to me, could you pm me if you are able to help, thanks

    Hi Colin,
    Just wondering if you still have your vagcom mate.
    I am looking to do the 402 mod to my allroad to lower the suspension.
    If you can help that would be great but if you can't thats understandable.
    Hey Colin!

    Guess what?

    I don't want to use you for anything! I just thought I'd say hello, having seen you on the map- I'm based in Broughton in Edinburgh myself- we're a bit thin on the ground up here aren't we...?

    Hi Colin,

    Do you still use the VAGCOM tool?

    I'm trying to switch off the EML in a TT.

    Looking at the map we're not that far away, I'm just outside Edinburgh and would be grateful to hear from you.


    Hi Chris,

    I would be happy to help if I can. I have the full version of VAGCOM which is genuine from ROSS-TECH. It is up to date and I have used it on a few cars including my own with no problems. It should communicate fine with your car.

    The only problem would be is that I am not fimilliar with the RNSe system. (mine has a standard stereo). If you have a step by step guide to do what you want to do, you are more than welcome to use my kit.

    I work 9-5 monday-friday (normally home after six). I am free all weekend.

    Let me know if you want to come over sometime and give it a bash.


    d'uh, sorry
    Apologies for the repeated use of COLINA...

    Hi Colina,

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you...
    Just found the Map of guys with Vag Com and you seem to be the closest to me :)
    Im based in Cowdenbath Fife, driving a B7 06 RS4.
    i've had my RNS-e, Kufatec BT module and everything fitted about a year ago and all working fine.
    Was looking for some help on having my RNS-e screen logo changed to display the RS4 logo... and was considering buying the cable, downloading the software etc to do it but think it may be expensive just to do that.
    I was wondering if you were free sometime if you wouldn't mind changing my screen logo for me.
    Let me know if the system you have would be able to do this and if you wouldn't mind spending a few inutes to help me out.
    I'd greatfully appreciate it.
    The Audi MMI screen seems a little boring in the RS.

    Cheers Colina,
    Look forward t hearing from you.

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