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    Using the Audi Concert 2 as a Shed radio..

    Thanks, i might well do, just looking to use rather than scrap something; waste not want not and all that.
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    Using the Audi Concert 2 as a Shed radio..

    Has anyone done this, and can share some tips, they dont seem to be worth a great deal second hand, so in a moment of "what if madness", i thought, I wonder if i could use it to power some car speakers in my shed on12v. Any help appreciated. K
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    Dash Warning Light on - with ignition off.

    Thank you, bit disconcerting for me, as its been very reliable in the last 9 years i've owned it. But if it causes no further issues, i'll get it repaired and then move on from the issue edited for poor spelling
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    Dash Warning Light on - with ignition off.

    In the dark, so you can see its not light bleed through
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    Dash Warning Light on - with ignition off.

    A late to the party, but mine has just today started to do this, and the steering is definately not feeling as tight as it was. Did anyone ever feel a difference when theirs was displaying the light? thanks
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    Are sticking calipers a known issue?

    My Front offside started to do this. But, I'm not sure how the pad and disk life were affecting it. I'd completed 102,810 miles on the original disks and pads, so they were quite well worn, I did pull the calliper off, and did the usual copper grease tricks on the slides for the pads etc, but...
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    cheap unipart brakes!

    Just for comparison, ECP charged me £173 for 4 Brembo disks, and Textar pads all round, with one litre of DOT incl delivery. No painted disk faces, (which I dont like) but bell hubs, edges and looked to be in the grooves all painted in what looks similar to Hammerite (but probably isnt)...
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    Leaving cars for long periods - suggestions for battery maintenance?

    Thats errant nonsense. I have a summer time car on charge all winter on a Ctek, they keep the battery healthy. its full drain and charge that kills a battery,
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    2.0 TDI Poor MPG?

    My DIS tends to tell me about 62 as an average, but it lies. 55mpg over a tank is my long term average. currently on 98,000. Journeys to work etc, 10miles b roads, 10 miles A roads, then back to B roads through the town. about 35 minute journey time. Usually sit at 60mph on the A road, no...
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    Thank you
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    Trevor. Does the DIS work, Bluetooth and steering wheel controls all function as normal. Its a bit of a concern to me that it would just work out of the box... I have a double din concert, S-line so lots of bits and bobs including BOSE presently.. cheers Kevin
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    For all those trying to get maximum mpg.

    Don't worry, it gets an Italian tune up every now and again...... ;-) K
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    For all those trying to get maximum mpg.

    How many of you will challenge this, achieved today. Not doctored, not reset, as straight as a die. One journey uninterrupted along the A12, from Brentwood to Colchester, starting at the Holiday inn, and ending at my house.
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    8P A3 Black Edition 2.0TDi Common Problems?

    My first one I traded in after 23k, and a gearbox replacement, then similar issues. second one on 65k, and not much to report, goes like stink when I want it to, reports 80mpg, when I slipstream and drive like miss daisy. I like it. Nice place to be, hard ride, but to my liking, comfy seats...