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  • HI Mr Doc, do you still do VCDS Coding? I have a Audi a4 b8 and just fitted cruise control but i realised it need the genuine cable for this model. Thanks
    Hi Mr. Doc. How are you today? I see from the VCDS map you’re a user of this programme? I’d like a few coding tweaks on my 2014 A6 if possible. Obviously I’d pay for your time. I’m in derby. It looks like you’re close to me
    hello Mr Doc I'm new to the group and I'm looking for some coding tweaks on my a5 2012 tdi obviously I will pay for any help if your able to help thanks
    Hi mate, any chance you're still helping with the VCDS? I'd like some help with coding some new features into my car
    Hi, I live in Long Eaton and wondered if you could code a cruise control kit for me, also enable the SD nav?
    Hi Mr.Doc,

    I'm in C'Don just around the corner and wonder if I could purchase some of your time/expertise to make some VCDS mods to my A1 TFSI Sport.

    Drop me a PM if you're interested.


    Hi there, just fitted some puddle lights to my A4 and wondered if you could them in for me?
    Hi dude found you on the Vcds map!!

    Will be buying cruise kit at the end of the month hopefully!!

    Wondered if you could code it for me and how much??
    Hi mate, just found you on the VCDS map. I'm looking to activate my ambient temp etc on a '08 A3. It doesn't have DIS but have read it can be turned on below the clock.
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