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    A6 v8 for sale

    Cheers getting a bit of interest now. Just need to get the right person to see it now.
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    A6 v8 for sale

    Cheers but the car will be getting sold as it is. Gonna miss it aswell.
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    A6 v8 for sale

    The time has come for me to part with my 1999 a6 v8 due to the lack of use. Going to be getting something a wee bit cheaper. Anyways heres the ad 102000 miles,4.2 litre v8,quattro 4 wheel drive system,service history,metallic silver with aqua leather interior. Automatic with tiptronic and shift...
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    Wanted A6/S6 estate

    If u want it as fast as the t5 u will need a 2.7t,4.2 v8,or a s6. I have a 4.2 v8 and love it. U wont go wrong with any of the above cars.
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    Exhaust- hush hush

    My neighbours moan at me now and again,we are on good terms so its just a bit of banter,i wont be changing mine. My motors a 99 a6 4.2 v8 quattro with a custom stainless exhaust from the cat back,no centre box just an x pipe that replaces it. What motor do u have? A wee sound clip of it...
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    A6 cambelt change

    I done my own timing belt on my v8 a6 as it was due,i replaced everything that run on the timing belt side of things,belt,water pump,tensioners,idlers,rollers,even all the bolts that held these above parts on,my parts total came to 350quid. My advice,dont get a timing belt done on a budget,pay...
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    My a6 on a5,s.

    I purchased the tyres seperately,not sure on the rating though. They are 255/35/19 something.
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    A6 Avant questions (running costs etc)

    Probally the best blend of economy and performance would be a 1.9tdi with a remapp on it. 130bhp-180bhp maybe,would certainly leave a 2.5 tdi for dead then. Mainly due to a heavier weight in a 2.5tdi.
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    To A6 or not to A6 that is the question...

    Thing is at the minute u pay a premium for a diesel car and a premium for the fuel. I cant justify a big engined diesel at the minute,if u really hanker after something fuel efficient,go out and buy a vw polo 1.4 tdi,otherwise go out and buy a cheap petrol a6. Petrol is so much cheaper than...
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    My a6 on a5,s.

    Have thought about the whole colour coding and removing the mudflaps,maybe to the colour coding but gonna leave the mudflaps on,at least they will help protect the car.
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    My a6 on a5,s.

    Cheers,wasnt sure what wheels to go for,as i didnt want to get the 7.5j as they dont look wide enough as on some wide body a6,s so plumped for the 19x8.5 from the audi a5 as they were the width i was looking for. Managed to also take a wee sound recording of the custom exhaust...
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    My a6 on a5,s.

    Title says it all really,had the car 6 months now and after getting a few things sorted mechanically,its really starting to come together. Its a 1999 audi a6 4.2 quattro. In the 6 months i have owned it i have replaced...... New timing belt kit,including all tensioners and idlers. Replaced...
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    Howdy all....

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    Here she is.......S6 Avant Content

    Looks very tidy indeed,cracking colour too.:icon_thumright: