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  • Hey would you adam and eve it! It connected today to my laptop.. Hoorah!!! That should kp me busy for the forseeable. Thanks anyway. Take care.
    Hi Again. I replied to the email I received, then it dawned on mw it might not be the correct/possible way. So here goes
    Hi Mick D.
    2 reasons really. The 1st is I want the extra info you get when watching Blurays and to check for newer firmware.
    Thanks for replying so quickly.
    Hi. Happy Easter.
    HELP! Im at my wits end. I have a genuine VCDS cable and got the software. I have win 10. It no connect.My local Indi couldnt get his Snapon to connect to my S8 2009. Can you help? I have need of someones help, I of coarse understand self isolating so over the phone if able or using "Teamviewer" software to do the setup. I have unlimited minutes, so can call you back. Thanks
    Hey, think I've messed up my headlights I've made a post about it, tried to fix it myself with obd 11 but no luck :c hope you can help, it left me with a flat battery for someone reason so every morning i go to my car think ill have another flat battery again :c thanks in advance

    Need a vcds pro to see why my cel is on and why i have low power! Really struggled for 6 months with this, whether its turbo or dpf (which has been deleted in ecu and egr), or some sort of vaccum/boost leak which doesnt seem obvious! No one seems to want to hone in, and just keep paying for diagnostics. Reckon you can help? Thanks
    hi I live in poplar have a a3 sline 1.4 tfsi turbo have engine check light come on the way home you still about ? cheers pete
    Hi RS3ER,

    Just found you via the VCDS map. My girlfriend has just purchased a lovely A1 SLINE with folding mirrors but they don’t fold when you lock the car. I hear this can be enabled with VCDS? Would you give us a price for this? We are in Brentwood but happy to travel to you.
    √ΛƓ ƇΛИ ṖŔᎾ √② + √ƇDS ĤƐӾ ИƐŦ + √ΛS ᎾDĪS ⑥①⑤④
    I upgraded the sat nav software to run 2016 cd. The satnav is working with 7 digit postcode search now, but it has messed up the radio. the radio stations do not pick up correctly or save. i can only listen to one radio station and then need to keep searching for another, i can not save any stations. I am in Plumstead SE18, south east london.
    I am in Poplar East London tonight about 8:00 if any good to you. I can have a look for you?.
    are you available anytime over the weekend?
    Weekdays are better for me if any good to you?.
    HI, im trying to downgrade my navigation plus but ive read it needs vcds, are you able to help me ? i upgraded the navigation cd however all the radio channels do not show correctly. i have an A3 2004 sportback. thanks
    Please explain to me in more precise detail what you are trying to achieve with your navigation.

    Where are you based?.
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