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    Am I Right Or Wrong? (haldex Related)

    Well audi are saying they did a scan and it's not showing any fault codes. However I notice on a few posts about haldex issues that they never had any fault codes.
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    What do you do for a job?

    Technical director at a structural steelwork company
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    My Old Mkiii 3.0t Supras

    This is the second one I had. Was so upset when I had to sell it when I moved to London. And this is the first one that had an incident with a lamp post......
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    Am I Right Or Wrong? (haldex Related)

    So basically the audi service centre are fobbing me off then. Looks like I'll have to take it to another audi garage then for another opinion.
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    Am I Right Or Wrong? (haldex Related)

    My car is a 2010 2.0tfsi Quattro. When I accelerate hard from standstill on a dry road, the car wheelspins a bit and the esp light on the dash flashes. My understanding is that within an 1/8 of a turn of the wheels if no traction, the rear wheels should engage and I shouldn't noticeably lose...
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    A3 2.0t Quattro Build Thread

    the grill has arrived.
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    How To Get More Power ? Any Ideas ? Bkd Owners

    How much is that lowered and on what suspension?
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    A3 2.0t Quattro Build Thread

    Been lurking about on the forum for about a month now since picking up a 2010 A3 2.0T fsi Quattro s-tronic s-line in black with 25k on the clock However after reading various threads over the last month the time has now come to start a few tweaks here and there. Current plans are as...
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    Girlfriend Uses The Car..... New Wheel Required

    I'm in Wimbledon. They are standard grey colour
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    Girlfriend Uses The Car..... New Wheel Required

    I'm trying my hardest not to hurt her right now! I'll take if to a repair place and see what they say. Failing that are the replicas any good? Am thinking of maybe ttrs reps?
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    Girlfriend Uses The Car..... New Wheel Required

    So this weekend the gf borrows the car. Apparently she isn't aware of where kerbs are when parking and the passenger wheel is rather badly chipped and scratched around the rim. Is this repairable? I have looked and the cost of a replacement wheel from Audi is £600. Obviously I'm not prepared...
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    ASN Crawley Audi Dealership meet Sunday 24th August

    Only just seen this, assume it's too late to get added now then?
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    Haldex not working, lots of wheel spin.

    Wish I hadn't read this, mine appears to have this issue when pulling away from lights. Glad I got it from dealer now not private. Looks like that warranty is going to come in useful!
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    Remapping and Rolling Road Shoot-Out Day @ AMD Essex

    I'm possibly up for this need to check it doesn't clash with my holiday. My poor little 2.0T is going to feel all embarrassed amongst all the s3s. Is there actually any non s3 people going?